Pet owners and lovers gathered around for All4Paws ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday afternoon, Feb.7 for a new space at its facility in Pawleys Island. All4Paws was founded in 2012. During that time, members have rescued more than 14,000 cats and dogs in Pawleys Island.

The animal rescue’s new Quarantine Facility allows more room for newly rescued animals to be screened, evaluated and treated by veterinarians in the group.

Volunteer Dee McLemore helped show people inside after the ceremony while also saying that there are over 97 dogs at the shelter.

“There’s places to bathe them and they get their shots and then we release them into the general population until we know their okay,” McLemore said.

The building was renovated from an old garage and storage space and over the process of three months was turned into the new building it is now.

As the blue ribbon was cut, the local community gathered inside to get a tour of the building and its new features along with meeting some furry friends.