Bart Mullin and George Read, left, with Read and Mullen Appraisers in Charleston, examine an antique violin brought in by Victoria Richardson, supervisor of horticulture outreach and programs at Brookgreen Gardens as Mullin's son, Harry, center, looks on.

A long sword found in the crawl space of an old home, an antique violin passed from generation to generation and a musical chair designed in the 19th century were among the items brought to Brookgreen Gardens on July 13.

The gardens, located near Murrells Inlet, hosted the second annual Share Your History day from 1-5 p.m., inviting guests to bring family heirlooms, photographs, books, antique weapons and other historic artifacts. They were identified and examined for authenticity by a panel of experts from Coastal Carolina University, Horry County Museum and a Charleston appraisal service.

"This is a really nice event where people are excited to learn more about things they bring," said Julia Mills, manager of interpretive programs. "Everybody's got something like that and it is good to get experts to look at them."

Robin Salmon, vice-president for collections and curator of sculpture at Brookgreen Gardens, said items brought to the event were documented in photographs, with the owners' permission, and they may be part of future exhibits at the gardens.

Read more about the event, including comments from experts and people who brought artifacts, in the next print edition of the South Strand News on July 19.