Lowcountry Lowdown: A week’s worth of Police Blotters

  • Monday, August 24, 2015

The Police Blotter returns to tell you some of last week’s most bizarre crimes, misdemeanors and strange situations in the Lowcountry.

No free rides

After refilling a prescription, a man was walking home when an acquaintance drove up and asked if he wanted a ride. The man was grateful to get out of the heat and asked his acquaintance to drive him to the grocery and later to his house. After he arrived at home, however, he realized his prescription was no longer in his possession. Police then arrived to investigate the missing medicine, during which time one of the man’s friends said she had a similar experience while walking through the county some time ago. The woman then produced a picture of the acquaintance, whom the man identified as the person who offered him a ride.

At least he brought flowers

Police were called to an apartment complex after a woman reported her son had broken her car’s windshield. The woman said she and her underage son were arguing until it escalated to the point where he grabbed a flower pot and threw it. The pot then struck and cracked the windshield. Although the woman did not want to charge her son with a crime, she called police for the insurance report.

Cool under pressure

While on foot patrol one evening, an officer spotted a man and two women walk behind a wall near a business that had recently been robbed. As he walked over to check on them, the officer saw the man warn the women of his presence, then watched as one of the women stuffed an item into her shirt. When the officer asked what they were doing outside, all three offered different answers, none of which matched up with what the officer had seen. The man said he was following the women, but he was the first one to move behind the wall; one of the women said they went outside a nearby bar to smoke, but no one was smoking; and the other woman said she was back in town and wanted to have a look around. The man later allowed the officer to search him, which resulted in the discovery of a switchblade and two methadone pills. The officer then asked the woman if she had anything in her shirt, to which she said “no,” but clarified by saying she did have something in her bra. She then removed a baggie of what the officer believed to be cocaine. The man and woman were then arrested on drug charges, while all three were also charged with prowling.

That sinking feeling

When deputies were called to investigate a possible burglary of a boat house, they arrived to find a man being detained by Department of Natural Resources personnel. The personnel told deputies they responded to a call of a sinking boat and found the man, who was intoxicated, when they arrived. The man said his boat had become stuck in the marsh and had to swim about 1 mile into shore. When he reached the shore, he said, he went into the boat house to find a phone to call someone for help. Sometime later, the owner of the boat house arrived and decided against pressing charges, since the man was looking for help. Despite that, he was still arrested by DNR personnel for boating under the influence.

Land-lording over her

A woman went out of town on vacation, but a family emergency kept her out of town for more than two months. When she returned home, she found her locks had been changed and her landlord had evicted her for abandoning the property. After pleading her case to a magistrate judge, the judge ordered the landlord to allow the woman back into the home until the matter was resolved in court. When the woman finally returned to her home, however, she saw multiple items had gone missing. She later told sheriff’s deputies that anywhere from $1,200 to $1,500 worth of items had been taken, and that her landlord and her landlord’s son were the only people who had access to the house.

Out of service

A restaurant manager called deputies after a group of people left without paying their bill, although they had not eaten any of the food they had ordered. Deputies learned the group had traveled to a nearby pizza parlor and met with them there. The group then told deputies they had left the restaurant because their server was rude and had slammed their drinks down on the table. Additionally, when the food was brought to them, there were flies buzzing around it and it appeared inedible. One woman added she left $2 on the table to pay for a drink. Deputies then determined it was a civil matter and told the manager they would not be investigating further.

Break-in bad news

Deputies responded to a county trailer after a man reported two men broke into his house and tried to rob him the previous night. The man said two masked men walked into his house with their arms behind their backs as if to suggest they had a weapon. As the men continued into the house, he said, he made his way to his bedroom, where he keeps his rifle. The man then said he kicked one of the men away, grabbed the rifle and shot at them as they fled, though he claimed he missed both of them. Deputies began to suspect the man was being less than truthful, however, when they found no bullet holes or shell casings in the house. Additionally, the man said he called 911 twice before and no one answered. 911 dispatchers told deputies they had no record of any calls coming from that address. Deputies then left the house after finding no evidence the alleged break-in actually occurred.

Option ‘A’ it is

A man was at an area convenience store when he was approached by another man who threatened to hurt him. The man later told deputies the other man told him he was either going to jail or going to work that day. The other man would later verify that account and he did, in fact, end up going to jail on an assault charge.

Won’t you bust my neighbor?

After several instances of alleged trespassing, a woman reported her neighbor to authorities and took her to court. Once their day in court had concluded, the woman returned to her vehicle and watched as her neighbor quickly walked to the back of that vehicle to prevent it from leaving.

The neighbor stood there for some time, she said, and wrote down what she believed to be the license plate number. The woman then reported the incident to police, who filed a warrant for the neighbor’s arrest.

Trailing off

A woman called sheriff’s deputies after a group of people stole a trailer holding a riding lawnmower from her front yard. The woman said her upstairs tenant told her they watched as a pickup truck drove onto the property, then saw two women exit and attach the trailer to the hitch. The pickup then drove away, taking the trailer and lawnmower with it. The next day, however, the woman called back to recant her report, saying her two daughters and son had taken the trailer and lawnmower to prevent her ex-boyfriend from stealing it.

And the band played on

Deputies issued a warning to an area bar owner after nearby residents complained the band he was hosting was playing too loud. More than two hours later, deputies returned to the area after more complaints came in. When deputies told a bar manager the bar was being cited for a noise ordinance violation, the manager asked for “a break” because the band’s set was about to conclude. Because of the earlier complaints, however, deputies issued the citation.

A grave encounter

It was just past midnight when a patrolling deputy noticed a car parked near a closed cemetery.

After stopping to investigate, the deputy saw several flashlights flickering in the graveyard. The deputy then saw two men and two women, who told him they went to visit someone’s grave.

After telling the group the cemetery was closed and they were trespassing, the deputy then checked their respective records and saw one of the men was wanted on multiple warrants out of North Myrtle Beach. He was then arrested on those warrants.

Aggravation or air mail?

A woman called police to report that someone kept throwing food items at and inside her house.

The woman said she was sitting in her home earlier that day when someone opened the screen door and threw a can of pears inside. Earlier, she said, someone also threw a can of soda on the front porch.

— The Police Blotter is compiled by Max Hrenda from reports from the Georgetown Police Department and Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office.

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