Museum debacle so typical of Georgetown

  • Wednesday, August 13, 2014

To the Editor:

“All that is necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men (or women) to do nothing.”

I used to love this quotation, and often used it, even as far back as when I was a teen in high school.

Now it has become so ubiquitous, and so often used by those here who love to complain, yet do absolutely nothing to change what they are complaining about, that it has become mundane.

I am referring to the current Georgetown County Museum debacle.

Of course, I could also be referring to the mind-boggling debacles I have discovered in the mere five years I have lived here – having moved from Florida to care for my father after my mother died.

I arrived to the ridiculousness of the Rothrock-Hardi-Plank situation with the ARB. This was quickly followed by the sinkholes, and the lack of responsibility taken by any sole member of City Council, the Mayor, the Administrator, etc.

Follow that with the horror of a registered sex offender ‘volunteering’ at a local high school for about four years, with seemingly little being done about it, save for the attempts at covering this sordid fact up by just about every person who has the duty to do something about it...and you get my point.

I will not waste space listing other shaming incidents and occurrences which come to light in this charming little city, but I do want to ask this question:

What the heck is really going on at the Georgetown County Museum?

And why are the people who clearly know the truth not coming forward, not speaking out about the wrongdoings, (if indeed there are any)?

And why do we average taxpayers have to try to piece together articles written by Taylor Griffith, a sparkling new reporter adding luster to the Times, (finally), who clearly cannot piece together a ‘real’ report thanks to the sad lack of information from people who know the truth.

Why? Because those folks who know the truth are hiding. Look at the recent letter written by Wallis Houseman – one brave woman shouting out a ‘call to arms’ – and yet she was not able to find even one valiant soul to speak out!

What are people so afraid of?

I am certainly no saint, but I shoot straight from the hip, and am unafraid. I can say with certainty this has not gained me many admirers.

And I was duly warned by more than a few people that with my outspoken ways comes retaliation. And come it has.

In such mean-spirited ways sometimes that I almost let myself give up, but it’s just not my nature. But what I am unable to stomach is the complacency, this laissez-faire attitude which settles over Georgetown much like the horrid particles covering us from the detritus the steel mill emits.

(It is the steel mill, not the paper mill, which pollutes Georgetown. My plants have orange spots. So does my silver. Go look at the houses in the West End if you don’t believe me.)

Again, I ask: Why are those who know the facts about this situation so afraid to come forward and speak what they know?

Don’t they see that not doing so just gives more and more power to the bullies and narcissists who feel important because they hold slight positions of “leadership” here?

As a psychotherapist, I have always known that those who try to get and wield power are among the most easily intimidated. And the bullying and narcissism gets worse and stronger, the more folks maintain the status quo.

I just do not think I can be any clearer or stronger. I ask a question of the person who is reading this, the same question I ask any of my clients who tells me they are afraid of something:

“What is the very worst that can happen?”

And you know what? My patients almost always realize that, except for death, there really is nothing in this world to be afraid of, no matter what their situation is.

I ask again: What is going on with the Georgetown County Museum?

Perhaps, if one brave soul springs forth with some of the truth, this pattern of ennui and fear that is preventing this city from truly growing as it should, would be ended and we might all begin to live with breaths of truth, rather than fear.

I pray that this is so.

Rennie Manning


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