Police Blotter: Caller suspects child abuse

  • Thursday, July 31, 2014

An anonymous person called 911 July 20 to report a possible case of child abuse on the beach at Pawleys Island July 20.

The caller reported seeing a man slap a young child on the face. The child’s mother then began “yelling at the child and yanked him up and carried him to the steps of the house where she then threw him down,” the report states.

The caller said the incidents occurred after the 3-year-old boy kicked sand on his father.

A deputy met with the couple from Ohio and the woman said she yelled at her son after he threw sand on his father. They both denied hitting the child.

The deputy noted the child did not appear to be injured and seemed happy so the case was closed.

Gun theft

A man from Hartsville says he was in a hot tub in the 100 block of South Dunes Drive in Litchfield July 18 when someone broke into his vehicle.

The man said he returned to his car after an hour in the hot tub and saw a bag on the floor of the car that had been in the glove box.

Missing from the car was a handgun that was left in the glove box.

He said he does not know how the person got into the vehicle because the doors were locked and no windows were broken.

The deputy noted seeing the top corner of the passenger side door had been pulled out.

Home burglarized

A woman from Figtree Lane in Pawleys Island said she was out of state from May 30 until July 17 and sometime while she was gone her home was broken into.

She said she asked her boyfriend’s father to keep an eye on her house.

The woman said she found some notes in her home about her boyfriend in the house that were not there when she left.

She also said she could tell someone had been cooking because there were dirty dishes.

Missing from the home are her son’s trumpet, a flat screen TV and a weight bench.

The woman said a lot of other things were missing but she would have to make a list and provide it at a later time.

The man who was asked to watch the house said he checked on it twice each day and saw nothing out of the ordinary.

Neighbor vs. Neighbor

A man from Allison Drive said he got into an argument with his neighbor July 19. He said when he walked outside, the neighbor was “sicking” his dog on his cat.

He said he called his neighbor a name for doing it which led to the two getting into the verbal exchange.

The man said his neighbor asked him if he wanted to die three times. He said the neighbor said, “I am so mad right now I could kill you.”

He said he tried to defuse the situation by saying they did not need to fight and offered to shake hands.

After the handshake, they parted ways but the complainant later decided he wanted to file a police report so the incident would be documented.

Man attacked

Deputies were sent to a home on Heron Way in Pawleys Island July 15 because a 28-year-old woman was reportedly banging on the door of a man.

The man said as he was being dropped off at his home by a friend, the suspect who is his neighbor, ran out to the car and started beating on the window while screaming at them.

The man said as he was walking from the car to his home, the woman punched him on the back of the head and shoulder.

Once the man was in his house, the woman started banging and kicking the door.

The woman was no where around when deputies arrived so information was presented to a magistrate for simple assault warrant consideration.

Attempted burglary

There was some damage but nothing was reported missing during an attempted burglary at Sam’s Corner on Ocean Highway in Pawleys Island July 17.

When an employee arrived at work at about 9 a.m., he saw the front doors were damaged. The doors were still locked and it looked like no entry to the building was made.

Another employee said there was a suspicious Dodge car parked in front of the restaurant when he closed at about 1 a.m.

When the worker left, the vehicle also left and was seen headed down MLK Road.

Information is subject to change as investigations proceed. Individuals arrested and/or charged have not been convicted.

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