Illegal immigrants

  • Friday, July 11, 2014

To the Editor:

I have become increasingly alarmed by the increased influx of illegal immigrants and thoroughly confused and disgusted by our elected officials’ handling of the problem that has been growing now for many years.

Both parties love blaming each other for failing to agree on what to do about illegal immigration; a few “extremists” suggest we enforce current laws (what a novel idea); the government has not enforced the laws in the past and appears to have no intention of doing so now.

Which begs the question-what are we paying our elected officials and the government bureaucracy for?

My main concerns are twofold. First, according to my newspaper, mail and phone solicitations and the media in general, our current legal population has many people who are underfed, homeless, poorly educated, unemployed, and have no or inadequate healthcare.

If the government and the incredible number of 501(c)3’s cannot meet their needs, how will we support thousands more who are coming here to get those same needs met?

For the ones coming now in droves-the women and children, it will take years and billions of dollars to feed, house, clothe, doctor and educate them to be productive citizens.

What about our citizens-legal Americans- who need the same? It is not realistic to say that we can do this if we just tax the hell out of the rich.

I’ve not seen a study though I’m sure there is one but if you took away all the “rich” people’s money, it would not touch the level of need there is.

“Leveling the playing field” is an expression only used by those whose source of income will never fail-career politicians and bureaucrats.

Bottom line: how can we support all those coming and the more that will come because we won’t stop them?

My second concern is about illegal immigrants and voting.

I have read that many states are passing laws to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. When I got mine many years ago, I had to produce a birth certificate.

My daughters had to produce a birth certificate and a Social Security card. Obviously, the illegal immigrants are not likely to be able to produce either that are genuine.

So please tell me how they will not be barred from voting? They will have ID. I would not bet my money that poll workers will be closely scrutinizing the kind of ID a person presents.

As a minor point, I consider it patently unfair that people who are breaking the law being here do not have to follow the same rules and regulations that I must.

Finally, I believe most Americans are very charitable with their time and their money.

But we all chose when and how we want to give according to our means and abilities.

I feel that our government is forcing us to be charitable beyond our means and abilities. We keep thinking we can save the world when we can’t even save ourselves.

Virginia G. Dugan


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