Shame on you!

  • Wednesday, May 28, 2014

To the Editor:

Shame on us? No! Shame on you for your implication that racism was a factor in the lack of white people attending the prayer vigil, which was held at a predominantly black church, for the kidnapped Nigerian girls.

You are new to the area and have no idea of what type people we are, but we are becoming increasingly aware of what type person you, as Editor, are.

In the short time that you have been Editor of the Times there have been at least two times that you have allowed the implied support of a “left leaning” candidates,( that you have denied by the way) and now you call out the white public as being racist for not attending a prayer vigil at an AME church?

This is a ridiculous and unwarranted position for the Editor of the local paper to take.

If you had been here long enough you would have witnessed black people and white people helping each other in time of need. You would have seen white people and black people attending the same funerals and even carrying each other’s caskets, serving in each other’s weddings and even marrying.

Is this a perfect world as far as race relations are concerned? No it is not, but we have learned, in large part how to get along and even be close friends. Many of us, black and white, have gotten past the 60’s, and many of us do not appreciate people like you coming into the area and attempting to stir up news at that expense. The biggest difference between black people and white people is not color, it is culture, and that is not a bad thing and you should recognize this.

You may want to explore the difference between a racist and a culturist. Each race has its own culture, and should be proud of its culture. Not all aspects of every culture are positive and the negative aspects tend to be weeded out as time passes, but positive aspects are rightfully celebrated.

The worship of God is a culturally influenced ceremony. I am white and was raised a Presbyterian. As a result I don’t feel comfortable with even loud singing in church, much less the vocal, individual praise which comes along with some types of worship. My daughters church has a band on stage and I don’t get it! Every black church that I have attended seem worship in a fashion that does not inspire a feeling of “worshipness”……..for ME. That does not make me a racist if I choose to not attend a black service or an uncaring father if I choose to not attend my daughters church.

I think that maybe it is you, the Editor, who may need to broaden your horizons when it comes to race relations and the effects of culture on our societal relations. We, for the most part, are doing quite well.

Bill Hills

Murrells Inlet

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