• Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mojo was upset. Weve got to be really careful when we go outside. I heard from the hound down the street that there are rhinos running loose in Georgetown County!

He read about it in the paper and you know everything in the paper is true. I wonder how they got here? Did they escape from a circus? Weve got excellent animal control officers in the county, but Im not sure they are equipped to capture a rhino.

Isnt that just like a dog, Isabelle chimed in. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. It is not rhino. It is r-i-n-o. Some folks are accusing a Republican running for county council, Steve Goggans, of being a Republican in in name only, RINO.

Mojo asked. Are there dinos, Democrats in name only? Linos? Libertarians in name only? Ainos? American Party in name only? Iinos? Independents in name only?

I entered the discussion. In my opinion, one of the things that has gotten our nation into legislative gridlock is party purists. When I worked with Congress there were not the political party ideological litmus tests that seem to be present now.

There were all kinds of Republicans and Democrats. The diversity provided the lubrication that helped the wheels of government turn.

Im pleased to be living in a state where folks dont register by party. People have the freedom to vote in primaries for who they see as the best person. Sometimes it is person not party.

In terms of the county council race, there are Republican,Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, and even some Vegetarians who believe that Steve Goggans is the best person for the job.

Not to allow all those folks to vote for him would be to disenfranchise them. It is about freedom of choice, not party purity.

Mojo began to leave the room.

Where are you going?

I guess I better go cancel my order for a rhino net and pith helmet.

I guess you better.

The Rev. Dr. Jim Watkins, Mojo and Isabelle

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