Happy Mother’s Day Momma!

  • Friday, May 9, 2014

The other day while riding down the road, listening to the radio, I heard a commercial for the Pawley’s Pavilion reunion.

As I was listening, I got to thinking, there sure is going to be a lot of shagging going on over there this weekend.

Which is something I can’t do.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I grew up around it just like a lot of us did, but let’s face it, in order to shag you’ve got to have a good bit of soul in your feet.

I’ve always had it in my heart, but the message never got down that low.

Oh I’ve tried, but it’s always been more like walking barefoot on asphalt.

So I just followed the advice of an old friend of mine, “Just hold ‘um while they wiggle.”

Which seems odd if you think about it. The first sounds of music I remember, besides church music, is what we call today Beach Music.

But back then I never heard that phrase, no; to me it was just the music the folks played on their record player. My early days were filled with Sam Cooke, the Platters, and of course The Drifters.

These were the songs of my childhood. Probably before I was eight I knew all the words to Sam Cooke’s “Another Saturday Night.”

I can still hear “Smoke gets in your Eyes” playing in the background when we were on Guam as I was playing in the yard.

These were the songs of my childhood.

I remember one time Daddy telling me as he was waiting on me and Momma to get to Guam, he had went on three months a head of us, that he could hear Sam Cooke playing on the juke box at night, in the little club below the barracks.

It was ‘Another Saturday Night,” playing over and over, it just seemed to him to make the time drag by till we got there.

But like most of us, as we got older, our music tastes change.

We started getting into the rock side of life. With CCR, The Allman Brothers, The Doobies Brothers, and then Jimmy Buffet came around.

Then we got to noticing something, old Jimmy was bringing us back to our roots. He was always talking about the ocean, sand in our shoes, eh, that sound familiar?

Com’on now, The Drifter’s, back in the seventies if you didn’t have a Drifter’s eight track in your car, you just weren’t well, cool.

That or the Four Top’s, is it just me, or does any body else remember “Sugar Pie Honey Bun?”

You knew what it was time you heard the music start playing. How about “I wish it would Rain,” The Tempting Temptations, I can just hear YouTube cranking up this afternoon.

Or maybe “This Little Girl is mine,” I can never remember who sang that. And Patches, ok, lets drag out the hankies.

And while you got it out, how about, ‘Only the Strong Survive,” wasn’t that Clarence Carter? Are you starting to get that warm fuzzy feeling inside?

Let’s face it, seems like there is very little music these days that can stir your soul like that anymore.

But there is one song, no matter where I’m at, when I hear it; I just stop what I’m doing. And when I do, I think of my Dad.

It was his favorite, though I never heard him say it. But when he heard it, you could tell by the look in his eyes.

Once, years ago, the Drifter’s were playing on Front Street in Georgetown, and usually Mom would have to drag him to something like that, but for some reason, this time he wanted to go.

And as they were standing in the crowd, and as the last bars of the song faded out, he turned to Mom and said let’s go.

Because he had heard what he came for, “Save the last dance for me.”

That’s always the way he felt about Momma, and though in my entire life I never saw him dance, in his heart, the last dance was always his.

That’s why I guess I’ve always loved “Beach” music, because it always reminds me of my childhood, and the love of two people I hold most dear.

Happy Mother’s Day Momma!

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