It’s that time of year again...

  • Thursday, May 1, 2014

Well itís that time of year again; well maybe itís even a little late. I havenít looked at the almanac, but the way this crazy weather has been this year, I think you would be good to go. Of course when I was little it was a two part process. First Momma would call Granddaddy, he would check his almanac, and then they figured out when they would plant. I know itís been years since I messed with gardening, but seems like you plant some things on the full moon, some on the half moon, and then some on the quarter moon. So I just simplified it, I donít plant period. But then again from what Iíve seen, Iím not the only one.

Seriously, growing a garden is becoming a dying art form. Yeah I know there are a lot of yaíll out there that still do, but it aniít like it use to be. When I was little I didnít know anybody that didnít grow a garden. I remember Mr. Govane, him and his mule; they made a pretty good side business, going around a plowing folkís garden. Back then folks didnít want a tractor in their gardens, they tore up too much stuff.

But late in the evening you could hear steel wheels rolling on a rock road, and knew he was coming. Mom would meet him out by the road, and show him where he could park his wagon. Once he got his one row middle buster hooked up, all you would hear was ĎGee upĒ, and you could almost see that mule drop it down in low for a hard pull.. Now a days, you would look kinda silly telling a garden tiller to ďGee UpĒ. But I betcha a dollar to a doughnut, just before you let the clutch out on the newfangled contraption that replaced Bessie the mule, some where deep down, you say to your self,,, ďGee upĒ. But you donít say it too loud, you donít want folks to think your crazy or something.

But two things this week kinda clicked on me for a column. Someone posted on Face Book that eating okra made you smarterÖ OK let me take a deep breath and say that again, eating okra makes you smarter. That sounds like some serious government propaganda. It reminds me of a line of a book I was reading one time, where the character was cooking a pot of okra soup, and she was bragging about it! Oh, I could go on all day about how it ruins a pot of butter beans. How some folks like to fry them up to look like hushpuppies, and put then on a buffet, right there by the shrimp? And thatís wrong, especially when you accidentally bit in to one.

Maybe it should have said it makes you more devious, trying to figure out how okra can rule the world or something. That and kale. Yep, kale, folks I had never even heard of kale up into about ten years ago. Collard greens, turnip greens, polk salad, well just because I never eat them doesnít mean I never heard of them. Seriously, I went to the grocery store with a buddy of mine, and he turned to me and said his wife said donít forget to pick up some kale. It looks like something Mr. Govaneís mule use to nibble on, on the side of the road. He had to show me what it was, so I asked him what you did with it, ďYou eat itĒ, and you know me, ďWhy, wonít it make you sick?Ē

I mean folks, you know what was in your garden when you were coming up. Butter beans, corn, peas, peppers, and the list goes on and on. Yes, and even okra, my folks like their okra too, but they did keep it away from me. But lets face it, that was a lot of work, and a lot of time, time we just donít seem to have any more. You remember when they took a couple hours a day away from us a few years ago. That was the hours our folks used to plant gardens, plus all the other stuff they use to do, that we just donít seem to have the time for any more. Iím just a guilty as the next, I donít have time for a lot of stuff they use to do, but then again, even if I had ten more hours a day, I still wouldnít want to pick any butter beans, much less cut okra.

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