Falling in

  • Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Any girl with brothers has, at some point in her life, walked into the bathroom in the middle of the night with the light off, sat down and promptly fallen in. I cannot tell you the number of times that it happened to me. And when you are tired and you didnít really want to get out of your comfy bed, falling in is enough to take your brothers outside to have a come to Jesus meeting

Chandler, with her tiny hiney, has managed to take this problem to a whole new level.

She has a fear of the potty. Not the going, the falling in. When she was potty training she had a seat that snapped onto the toilet seat to make it kid sized. Plus, it had Tinker Bell on it, so it was cool. It was still a bit big for her but it worked. As she got older she insisted that she didnít need it any more. Thatís when our issues began.

She wanted to be a big girl. After all her cousin Ava didnít use a potty seat and her sister didnít either. So I let her take it off and I put it away. Well the first time without it she forgot it wasnít there and nearly fell in. For awhile she wanted me to hold on to her. I offered to put the smaller seat back on but no...

Then, the tragic event occurred. Most kids (and some adults too) find automatic flushing a bit scary. I do the brilliant mom thing, where you cover the sensor with toilet paper so it wonít flush while your child is on the potty. Well the potty was against us that day. The toilet paper fell off, and Chandler doesnít weigh enough to register that she is even there. It begins to flush and it startled her to very nearly fall all the way in! I am the terrible mother who was laughing almost too hard to even help her and once I did manage to act like the mom and get her off the toilet, she ran out of the bathroom stall screaming and crying.

OK, to fall in to automatic flushing toilet is bad, but it has caused her to be afraid of any toilet that flushes loudly. To add insult to injury, she has fallen in, in front of her sister. Autumn was getting in the shower and Chandler was getting out, still a bit wet sat down on the toilet and slid right in. Autumn, of course, laughed which made her mad.

This crazy falling in has led to her being worried about any potty that flushes loudly or even closing the bathroom door. In a public place not closing the bathroom door is not really an option.

She managed to be in the bathtub once when as my nephew Brett put it ďthe toilet threw upĒ all over the floor. This new experience has added another level of fun so that now she is convinced that every time someone flushes the potty it will flood the bathroom.

My goal as a mom was to give my kids a tiny bit of dysfunction, just enough to make them funny. I may have given Chandler a bit too much!

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