It’s happening again

  • Friday, April 11, 2014

Just like every Wednesday morning, just as Iím sitting down with my computer to write my column, I check out the news of the day. And itís happening again, somebody is attacking our children. I say ďourĒ because all children are the responsibility of every one, they are our future, our best natural resource, and for some reason we are squandering them. As Iím writing this, kids in Pennsylvania are in the operating rooms in a nearby hospital fighting for their lives, others are terrified. Terrified, because, one of the three safe havens in their lives, home, church and school, has been invaded by violence. Now instead of preparing for their future, they will spend the rest of their days at this school looking over their shoulder, wondering when and if it will ever happen again.

As I read on, another article struck me as unthinkable, a teacher has been charged with sexual assault of three young boys, ages 13 to 15. A 28 year old teacher has been charged with having sex with a 13 year old. Word passes around at school faster than a wild fire, how much learning do you think is going to be done around these schools the next few days.

Wasnít it just a few days ago that a pastor at one of those so-called mega-churches being caught having an affair. Then there was the politician that got caught making out with one of his staff, that wasnít his wife. Seems like I heard he ran on a ďHome and ValuesĒ campaign, makes me kinda wonder what his ďHome and ValuesĒ really are?

Folks what are we teaching our kids? Itís kinda hard to teach kids the difference between right and wrong when they see shows like ďTeen MomĒ being made, or the one that was filmed in Murrellís inlet, I canít remember the name. I think I watched about five minutes of it when it came on, thatís about five minutes Iíll never get back. Iíll admit, Iím no prude, but this is getting ridiculous.

When I was in school, the teacherís word was law. If you got in trouble at school, it was going to be worse when you got home. Thatís just the way it was, you had one reason, and one reason only to go to school and that was to learn. Three teachers always stick out in my mind, Mr. Ozburn, Mrs. Wright, and Mrs. Dillard. When you went into their classes you sat down and opened your books, and prepared to learn. They were fair, and every now and then you could get them to talk about other things but school work, but when it came to class work, you learned it or you didnít. And when you got home with a flunking report card, it wasnít the teachers fault, it was yours!

Now I donít know whatís going on up in Pennsylvania any more than the rest of us, but some how something is not right. But we didnít have resource officers that had to patrol the halls, all we had was the principal, and he was more than plenty. Back then I guess he didnít have to worry about lawsuits because he hurt little Johnnyís feelings. If little Johnny acted up Mr. Dillard introduced him to the Board of Education.

But in a sense I donít blame the kids, itís them following the teaching of their parents. Nothings ever my fault, or itís not my responsibility. Like the old saying that went around years ago, ĎIf it feels good do it.Ē Iím sure thatís what that teacher thought when she had sex with those three kids. But what do we have now, four ruined lives. And ministers, they are supposed to be held in the highest regard; well they are just human, Iím sorry they shouldnít get off that easy. Or that teacher, what you want to bet, sheíll have some kind of problem that made her do it. Or who ever it was who stabbed those kids.

I know somebody will be thinking ďRobbin arenít you being a little rough on themĒ:

Really, just look at the mess we got our selves in.

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