Boys have a weird sense of humor

  • Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I do not understand boys and their deep love of being aggravating. How is it fun to make your sister scream?

I have two brothers, one older and one younger, they are quite perfect and have never aggravated my sister or me. But, I am very sure that Ericís sister Krissie will happily tell you that Eric aggravated her on a regular basis.

I donít even have to ask her to be sure, since Eric thinks itís fun to pester me.

Eric does the usual boy things. Roll over me to get out of bed. Stand on my foot. Stare at me.

Just because Eric is a grown up doesnít mean the thrill of aggravating is gone. He will even aggravate the kids. He enjoys aggravating the women he works with. Poor Terri and Jessica are often aggravated by him all because he thinks itís funny.

Dylan hasnít really ever been too much of an aggravator. Sometimes heíll bother his sisters, but the winner of the aggravating award in our house is Denver.

I have a clear memory of when Denverís aggravating gene kicked in. Autumn was four years old and playing on the floor, Denver was two and walked by Autumn. As he walked by her, he smacked her on the head and she yelled.

I swear I saw his eyes light up. It was as if the gene was activated by her scream.

The thrill of bothering his siblings has never really left. And Denver is an equal opportunity aggravator. The thing about it though, is he is never really trying to be mean. I really believe he thinks itís funny.

I know that on some level, he just wants to get their attention. And for kids, any attention will do.

If he turns off Dylanís computer game while he is playing, which then leads to a chase down the stairs, he is cracking up.

When the kids were all toddlers, I worried they would lock themselves in their rooms. So I turned all the door knobs around.

Denver thinks it is hilarious to lock his sister in her room while she is practicing the piano.

Last Sunday, Eric and I were asleep when a blood curdling scream was let out. And instead of ending it got closer and closer to us. If you have children you know that this kind of scream can only come from a girl.

The door slams open and in runs Autumn. We bolt upright, and she throws down a doll that has been drawn on. Not just any doll, but the beloved, crazy expensive American Girl doll. And she hasnít just been doodled on, but the doll now has a lovely purple mustache, crazy earrings, and a new name written on top of her head, ďBob.Ē

After we sent a very upset Autumn out of the room. We handed down a serious punishment to Denver that included cleaning the yard of all dog business and not having dessert.

I asked him why he would do that? He said with a shrug ďCause it was funny.Ē Really? That was funny? Boys have a weird sense of humor.

In case you are worried that the American Girl doll has a permanent purple mustache and is now referred to as Bob, donít. Thankfully, Denverís marker of choice was a dry erase marker. I hope the next time he bothers his siblings the fix is that simple.

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