Can you really stand much more of this “Global Warming?”

  • Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This Global Warming business is about to get the best of me and most other Lowcountry residents who are not accustomed to the harsh winter we have had. It has not been a typical Southern season this year.

As bad as the weather has been here it doesn’t compare with what the folks in the Northeast and Midwest have suffered. In fact, I predict that Southern real estate markets will blossom this year as millions of those bad-weather tormented souls from up north, who are still standing navel deep in snow, throw up their hands and declare, “I’m not spending another winter in this misery. I’m moving to South Carolina!”

Each time we thought the worst was over locally, along came another onslaught of frigid temps to bite our noses. Gee, I hate to think what our life would be like if we have any more “global warming.”

Oh, that’s right; the temperature gurus have adjusted their prognostications to “Weather Changes” instead of “global warming.” Of course, the weather changes from day to day and from millennium to millennium just as it has from the time this old earth was created. But the weather-masters tell us that we are in for a different experience because humanity is messing with Mother Nature. Frankly, I think it a bit arrogant to claim that mere man control the weather. We’ll see.

The truth is only God knows what the weather will be from one time period to another in the annals of humanity’s future. But mankind with its banks of super computers envisions a position in this universe somewhere above God. In truth, they cannot tell us what the weather will be like next Tuesday so, why should I trust them to predict our climate fifty years from now or thereafter? But Al Gore has created a cottage industry and made millions by doing just that.

It has been pretty well established what the earth’s weather was in the past but no amount of human wizardry can predict the future. We can assume however, that the past is prologue to the future and we’ll have another ice age or two with intervening periods of, yes, Global Warming.

Of course there are those who would term me a “Luddite” (anti-modern technology and thought) but “scientists” of the day once declared that the earth was flat and the sun revolved around the earth. How has that turned out? But those were the days before mankind became smarter than God.

In truth, the very same folks who cannot explain the miracle of gravity or how water power can be transformed into the electrons that light the brilliant electric bulb in your living room are telling us that humankind is transforming our climate. I bet God knows how to explain the mysteries of the universe and he doesn’t have to depend on computers for the answer.

Candy and dogs

Once again barking up my tree, Mojo, my canine nemeses in the OP/ED newspaper realm referred to me as having the same name as a mid-century candy bar. I have been referred to worse but I never did get exactly what the canine’s beef with me was. I suspect the term “Luddite” was alluded to but who knows.

The doggie was correct in one respect; however, there was a popular candy bar in the 1940s and 50s called “Brock.” How many folks can claim a candy bar as the bearer of their family name?

Actually, it was a blessing to me since no one ever forgot my name because I would introduce myself as John Brock – “just like the candy bar.” I would then sing the radio jingle that peppered the airways at the time. “B-R-O-C-K, buy a Brock today!” Who could forget my terrible singing ability?

Actually, I make no claims to a relationship with the Brock Candy Co. of Chattanooga, Tennessee. I later had some discussion with Sen. William Brock III, who was a member of the candy company operation and who became a US Senator from Tennessee. He was later chairman of the national Republican Party.

Both our families had their American origins in the Western Carolinas and we probably are very distantly related. There is another candy company known as “Brach” and since many Brocks claim a Germanic past, it likely that these families have some distant connection.

At any rate, I would appreciate it if dogs or humans refrained from making light of my family name. Can you imagine the humiliation of having a dog trivialize your family name? Actually, I don’t really care. There is a whole multitude of other reasons for taking exceptions to me or my journalistic endeavors.

For instance, I will certainly hear from the Global Warming folks about my initial remarks concerning God vs. Scientists.

And “Luddite” will probably be prominently positioned.

John Brock is a retired college professor and, newspaper editor/publisher, who lives in Georgetown County. He can be reached by mail at this newspaper, or by Email at brock@johnbrock.com

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