Robbin Bruce: It’s cold and it’s raining, this ain’t good

  • Friday, March 7, 2014

I donít know about you but Iíve had enough! As I sit here on Wednesday morning typing this I got on a pair of bedroom shoes. I donít wear bedroom shoes, but I started a couple weeks ago, this is getting ridiculous. I thought I was getting a little crazy the first part of winter when I started wearing a Ďboggin around the house a few months ago, but hey it is winter. But by now I figured I would have been wearing shorts with no problem, but not so far. Monday I ran over to my brother Rogerís, wearing a t-shirt and shorts, Tuesday morning it was a whole Ďnuther story. I donít know about yíall but this has been the craziest winter weíve had in a long time.

I think it began when that rodent up in Pennsylvania saw his shadow or something. If I knew he was gonna cause all this trouble about his shadow, Iíd have rode up there with a tarp and held it over his hole. Not saying a groundhog has really gotten any power over winter, but he DID see his shadow, and I havenít really been warm since.

I donít know if you realize it or not but itís been three weeks since the Great Ice Storm of 2014. We are gonna be talking about it for years. Itís just about the same time of day, I was typing out an article, when the lights started flashing, and all I could think of is, this ainít gonna be good. Basically every thing outside was white, and it was still coming down. I hurried up and finished, and figured I might better go ahead and get my shower and shave. About that time I started hearing the artillery barrages going off. That was another reason to hurry up.

By the time I made it back in the living room, limbs were falling every where. And all I could do was sit here and watch the weather channel and listen to the cracks, make that CRACKS. Then nothing, you know that sound of quiet you hear when the power goes out; it gets so quiet you could almost hear your heart beat if you took the time to listen. Then comes the ďIíll just wait few minutes and it will come back onĒ feeling. Boy was I wrong. Little did I know it would be the following Wednesday before I would hear the heater finally kick back on!

Well at least we had two things going for us, city water, and Mel had a bunch of those paper fire logs around here stacked up. But folks when itís freezing outside, you know those pretty little paper logs ainít gonna do a whole lot of good, but they were better than nothing. But my son-in-law Brook brought us a load of REAL fire wood the next day, so I spent the first two nights sitting up feeding the fireplace.

But like I always heard Necessity is the Mother of Invention, we had to figure out something to do besides stare at each other in the light of a kerosene lamp. Kt drug out her computer, and we watched movies, that is till the battery died.

But you know what is one of the saddest sights you will ever see, when the lights of a couple of your neighbors come on a couple days later, and yours donít! But about that time I heard a knock on the back door, it was my neighbor Jim, and two drop cords, ďHereís one for the freezer, and one so yíall can at least watch TV.Ē And for the next five or so days, thatís what we did, we had a lamp rigged up, and a TV. In the morning I dragged the cord over to the coffee pot, and when that finished, Iíd hook the TV back up. That, and heating water by the fireplace to wash dishes.

And watching for power trucks. Me and my brother-in-law Waine, Cousin Jerry, and Mr. Brown, we had a thing going, if we saw one, we would let the other three know. It didnít mean any of us would GET power, but hope is a good thing to have when youíre in the dark. Finally Wednesday morning, three of them drove up in the yard, can I get an Amen!

But this morning as I write this, itís cold outside, and itís raining, and I know itís not really all that bad outside ...

But Iím getting nervous, can you blame me?

You may reach Robbin Bruce by e-mail at robbinbruce@yahoo.com.

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