Mother’s intuition

  • Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A mother’s intuition should not be trifled with. As a mom, your intuition is a gift that will help you guide and parent your child.

Anytime that gut instinct pops up it should not be ignored. It’s a comma in the life of a mother. When it pops up, take the breath that it allows and investigate it.

By the the time Dylan was 18 months old he had already had three ear surgeries and was on his fourth. Three days after his fourth surgery he had what appeared to be a stomach bug. Common to toddlers, but for me it felt different. I took him to the doctor’s office and she was not concerned. He was showing nothing alarming, just stomach bug symptoms. Although I thought he had thrown up blood, she believed it was chocolate milk. I pressed the issue, based solely on my gut.

She finally gave in and admitted him to the hospital. He had a typical boring overnight stay. The morning we were to leave the hospital they wanted him to eat some Cheerios before we left. He was sitting on my lap, chatting and eating those Cheerios, when, I thought to myself “Sweet boy, I am not ready to take you home. Something is not right. Please do something so they will keep us.” That thought was promptly followed by this thought: “What kind of horrible mother am I? That I want my child to stay in the hospital?”

The nurse came in and told me she was going to prepare our discharge papers. She left the room. As I snuggled Dylan, he sort of whined and then his diaper filled with blood. The next few moments (hours?) were a blur of tests, doctors rushing in and out, and a helicopter landing to transport us to a children’s hospital. Dylan had a very rare complication from his ear surgery that had caused his bowel to collapse on itself.

I had no way of knowing that was even possible. All I had was my belief in my mother’s instinct.

After emergency surgery and a four-day hospital stay, Dylan was perfectly healthy. We were sent home. At a post-surgery check up at the doctor’s office, she told me that the only reason she admitted Dylan to the hospital was to make me happy. Even she didn’t suspect something was wrong.

That life-altering event taught me that I should always listen to that instinct. It is trying to tell me something. All instincts about your child should be followed. From what seems like simple things to big things. Sometimes all you have is the information in your gut and as a mom that gut feeling is more than enough reason to pause and take a breath.

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