John Brock: “Income equality” only exists under Communism or totalitarianism

  • Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I have heard just about enough of this “income equality” nonsense. It’s Marxism in the first degree – (From each according to his ability; to each according to his need) – regardless of effort. In other words, energetic hard workers must share the fruits of their labor with those who sit idly by.

The fact that some folks make more money than others has always existed and always will in a capitalistic society. The only place “Equal Income” can be found is in a communist, fascist or totalitarian system. In those societies, everyone lives in or near poverty – but their income is “Equal.” The only folks who enjoy excessive incomes are those few in dictatorial positions of power.

Under a capitalist system, individuals who are motivated to get an appropriate education and are willing to work hard and take chances are the ones who make the most money. Some citizens are not inclined to follow this route; therefore, there will always be others who earn more money.

If there was such a thing as income equality, all NBA basketball and NFL football players would earn the same. Even those entertainers and musicians who are the most talented would make the same as those less endowed. It seems that only successful business leaders, who earn a lot of money, are the targets of current dissatisfaction even though these successful individuals have worked harder and smarter than their less paid counterparts.

The truth is the entire wealth of the American economy could be equally divided among every man, woman and child in the United States but within two generations the bulk of the money would be back in the hands of those who are willing to accommodate those merits I mentioned above — appropriate education, hard (smart) work and willing to risk their capital investment.

That’s the way capitalism works and nowhere in history have people lived more financially fruitfully than those who have thrived under our American capitalistic system of economics.

The truth is the bottom one-percent of citizens in the US live better than 99 percent of people in the rest of the world.

I can’t speak for others but I can truthfully and factually relate my own personal experience with capitalism.

My birth family was comfortable but certainly not wealthy; however, they saw to it that I grew up in a two-parent family and that I was properly instructed in the fruits of hard work. They also instilled in me the necessity of a good education.

By the time I had finished my undergraduate college career and service in the US Army, I had a wife and exactly two hundred dollars in our pockets. It was from this that I was to earn my way in the world. But I expected to work hard and to take advantage of our wonderful way of American economics. I received no government handout, aid or financial help from family or friends.

It took years but my wife and I worked diligently; saved our money and spent only for basic necessities – no frills were enjoyed in those early years. In the meantime, three children came into our household making it necessary to work even harder and smarter to get ahead.

Our efforts finally paid off to the extent that we were able to enjoy a comfortable if not luxurious standard of living.

In those early years I worked six days a week and logged more than 60 to 70 hours a week of labor. I devised ways to create a small but helpful second income. By so doing, I was eventually able to invest in business ventures knowing full well that not all businesses are successful and that I was gambling that I could work hard and smart enough to make the grade. I should mention that a lot of family praying went alongside my human efforts.

I never wanted to be extremely wealthy. I just wanted a comfortable style of living for my family. I thank God every day for His blessings that unfolded toward this end.

As the owner of several business endeavors through the years, like most small businessmen, I never paid myself much more than what the other top earners of my company were paid. But eventually, when I sold the enterprises, I was well rewarded for my initial investments but in the meantime, I had worked hard for years to build successful businesses and I had risked everything on that effort.

That’s how capitalism works.

Most of the folks in Congress and the White House don’t have a clue what capitalism is all about. They are just busy spending other people’s hard-earned tax dollars, Their motivation is reelection and they busily work solely toward this end by peddling the notion that those who have been successful must have done so in some devious manner and, therefore, must be forced to share the fruits of their labor with others who may not have expended the effort necessary for financial success. As a result, the top earners in America pay for most of the cost of running the government while almost half of Americans pay no income tax at all.

We have reached the point in which many citizens are satisfied with living on numerous government programs and have no initiative to leave government support behind and seek real financial independence.

Of course, there are citizens among us who are unable for various reasons to take care of their human needs and those of us who have more should always be willing to help them. But for those who exhibit sloth in their human endeavor, I have little patience.

There is a vast difference between folks who are unable to provide for their needs and those who just refuse to.

John Brock is retired and lives in Georgetown County, He can be reached by Email: brock@johnbrock.com.

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