Fishin’ and jawin’ with Angus

  • Friday, February 14, 2014

Photo of unidentified couple courtesy of the Georgetown County Museum. Minnie and Angus?

In my column last Friday, I wrote about a fictitious couple, Minnie and Angus, who might have lived in Georgetown in 1914. Imagine my surprise when I received the following letter by email Friday afternoon.

ďDear Debby,

Thank you so very much for publishing that letter from Minnie. I havenít seen Minnie or Angus for some time. I usually run into them at the church. As you know both of them serve on the Parish Altar Guild. I talked with the pastor just last week and he said that he didnít know what the Parish would do without their service.

They seem like members of my family I have known them for so long. I remember that old Angus would stop by the house and take my Grandpa along to go fishiní. They really enjoyed jawiní with each other. They never told me where they went fishiní, but when they brought the fish back home they were all cut open and ready for fryiní.

That was a long time ago and Grandpa has been gone for a spell. We still have the place on the river and me and my lady sometimes steal away out there.

As you know we got a place out there in the Pleasant Hill area. We do some farminí and have a head of cattle or two, but nothiní much. It does keep us out of mischief.

I tell you Ė it was a real treat to read that letter. Folks out in these parts donít really know how it was around here. In the early days Grandpa worked sometimes out there at the Atlantic Coast Lumber company. I havenít heard about the lumber yard much any more. Maybe they are out of business.

I do hear that things in town are pickiní up. That old movie theater is some kind of play place. I havenít been there, but they say they put on some real good stuff.

The other day when I come to town I heard the town clock. I didnít know they fixed it. It sure took me back to when I was growiní up.

Well, dinner is almost ready. I hear Ma rattliní those pots and pans. She gets mighty disturbed if Iím late to the table. It does smell like weíre haviní fish. It does smell good.

Maybe later in the eveniní we might pull up a chair and have a drink of somethiní. Thereís a fella out this way that makes some good stuff. I donít know what he puts in it but Iím probably better off not knowiní.

I really have to go now, but itís been fun to chat. The next time me and Ma are in town we will try to stop by.

You know, there are so many new streets that I get lost. Some of those streets used to be dirt paths. Out this way everybody knows everybody and I can always ask somebody. In town they all think I just got here from someplace else. Itís sure nice to have friends.

Since my granddaughter got me this new machine I donít need to spell anymore. I wish my third grade teacher could see me now. I got through schooliní by the skin of my teeth. I finished up over there at the Winyah school. I guess itís still there. Last week my Granddaughter took me over to get my eyes checked and it was around there somewhere.

Ma and I get to church sometimes, but not as regular as we used to. I think the Lord knows our hearts are in the right place. We donít have a regular minister anymore because we donít have enough folks to come. From time to time somebody from town shows up and we have service. I canít remember who was here last. Iím gettingí old.

Drop me a line when you can and it was real good heariní about the doinís of Minnie and Angus. Bless their hearts Ė they are good folks.Ē

This fictitious letter, written in response to my fictitious couple, was actually written by my friend, Warren Umstead, who lives at Pawleys Island. It gave me a start Ė are Minnie and Angus really make-believe?

To Warren Umstead . . . thanks for the memories.

Debby Summey may be reached at (843) 446-4777 or djsummey@gmail.com.

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