John Brock: The Universe is both dying and evolving? How can that be?

  • Wednesday, January 8, 2014

On the dawn of this New Year, there are many things in this world that I don’t understand. Too many, in fact.

For instance, some folks persist in telling us that the universe was created by some gigantic celestial accident – a “Big Bang.” And things have evolved ever since. But have they?

According to the evolutionists, exploding pieces of mass became suns, comets and planets – and us. On specific planets such as Earth, life evolved from one-cell creatures into dogs, cats, or your neighbor down the street. (If you had some of the neighbors I have had in the past, you might be tempted to believe.) The same thing happened to all animal life according to the Darwinists. Plant life, too. Only the fittest, those that could survive, made it through eons of time to the present day. They claim we are still in the process of evolution via “natural selection.”

Will we recognize our great, great, etc. grandchildren?

They claim they can “prove” all of this through fossils, mathematics and conjecture. Conjecture? Sounds like an unproven “theory” to me. Yet, these folks are succeeding in having any alternative view prohibited from public school curricula. I suppose this is another example of evolution or should I say, “Survival of the fittest.” They have certainly managed the courts very well of late.

For generations, those who believed in a world created by a Supreme Being were allowed their say. Now, because of a few vocal folks and Political Correctness, the discussion is no longer allowed in some public venues. During all of those years of tolerance for opposing views, I can’t point to a single incident where someone was damaged by the illumination of the spiritual concept of creation.

Personally, I have never had a problem with either Creationism or Darwinism. I don’t believe they are mutually exclusive. As someone else has said, “God created evolution.” Sounds about right to me. The furor raised over the coexistence of both points of view is totally unwarranted because both deserve a place in public discussion. But that star has fizzled if several recent court decisions are allowed to stand.

My goodness, when I was in public school, we were taught all about the Roman and Grecian gods – Zeus, Apollo, Jupiter, Cupid, Diana and the whole host of mythical beings. I don’t really think my generation was harmed by this exposure and never was a single student ever converted to the worship of antique statues.

How, then, will today’s students be harmed to learn that there are those who believe, with sufficient evidence, that a Supreme Being had a hand in the creation of the universe?

Here’s the part that puzzles me: When asked what was the state of things before the “Big Bang” and/or the first breath of life, they are unable to offer an explanation of any merit. Whenever other folks who believe there was a divine plan to both the creation and evolution of life on whatever timeframe, offer their explanation, it is ruled “religious” and therefore not worthy of public discussion. Pray tell me – what was it like before the Big Bang? What existed? Who/What initiated the celestial explosion?

Seems to me, both sides deserve equal exposure but to the secularist Darwinists, the creation of a world whose initial creation cannot be explained is “Science” but an “Intelligent Design” concept belongs to religion and, therefore, should not be sanctioned in a public setting.

But here’s the main point I don’t understand:

The same “scientists” who instruct us in the process of “evolution” of life are the very same folks who tell us the world is “winding down.” As I understand it, from the moment of the Big Bang, they assert the universe is expanding but slowing down; the sun is cooling off; the orbits of planets are slowing (We just added a second to earth time a year or two ago because of this slowing down) and the universe as we know it is slowly dying.

Now, how can the universe be both dying and evolving at the same time. They don’t have a sensible explanation for this question either.

So, if you please, I will continue to hold to my beliefs that “God”, as I know Him, did, indeed, create the universe and life therein. How? On what timetable? I don’t know but I just can’t believe that all we see around us was created by some gigantic accident.

Why can’t we just let folks make up their own minds by tolerating discussion of both views in the public arena – including our schools!

John Brock is a retired newspaper editor/publisher and college professor who lives in Georgetown County and can be reached by mail at this newspaper or via Email: brock@johnbrock.com.

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