Happy New Year, a day or two later

  • Friday, January 3, 2014

Yesterday morning while running to town it took me a few minutes to notice something. My radio is always on, and like most folks, unless itís some Skynard or maybe some Rolling Stones, most times itís just background noise. But then it finally dawned on me, ďwhereís the Christmas Music?Ē For the last two months itís been either Jingle Bells, Santa coming to town, or Rudolph. And I had gotten so use to it; they had even gotten to be background noise. The Christmas movies have kind of died down, and Mel has the lights packed up. And then it really dawned on me, Christmas is really over for another year.

Oh sure today is New Yearís, letís see last night, Jess and Brook were at home, Kt went out, Mel went to bed at nine, and me, by ten thirty my eyes were rolling in the back of my head, so I gave up. And the choices for today are a Twilight Zone marathon or football, but then again Melís talking about going to the movies. But letís face it folks, you know why there is a Twilight Zone and football marathon on today? Itís because we are all pooped! Last night was to be the last hurrah for the next couple months. Weíve spent the last six or eight weeks wide open, and letís face it, we need some rest.

Oh sure Valentineís Day is coming, but thatís a month and a half away. And except for some flowers and candy, plus going out to supper thatís about it. Till Easter, and Iím not even sure when that is, it changes every year, one year March, the next April. Hunting seasonís over, itís too cold to fish, and I donít watch basketball. Seriously, I just never got in to it. We played in high school, really just in the yard, but that was so long ago. How long, I kept hearing people talk about a three-point shot, I had to ask somebody what they were talking about, we didnít have them back then.

Did you eat your collard greens on New Yearís? Did I, NO! How about hoppiní john? Itís a while till supper, but Iíll probably have a cheeseburger. I know I wonít wash clothes today, because I donít want the Ghost of DC Bruce to come and get me. Seriously, one year Mel did, and Mom came and got the clothes off the line. She didnít really believe in all that hoo-haa, but then again every year she had collard greens and hoppiní john. So I guess she didnít want her Momma to come and get her either.

But I guess this is the time to make resolutions too. By this time in life, like most of us, Iím kind of set in my ways. We all have things we need to change, but the problem is changing. Thatís like me; I ride a stationary bike every morning. Or should I say Iíve gotten back in to riding it every day. Iíll ride it for a couple months, then quit for a month, then start back. Well Iím riding it again, but I decided itís time for me to increase my time. Well that extra few minutes, letís say between my back, my butt, and my knees, itís making me pay for EVERY extra minute Iím on it. So I guess thatís going to be my resolution, Iím gonna quit with the quitting every couple months, the getting back started is killing me.

And I guess if I had to admit it, I need to make another one, Iím gonna start writing on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. Too much stuff seems to happen around here on Wednesday, and it always seems to be at the last minute. Then I have to try to get something jotted down in between each crisis. Or I wait too long and try to come up with something, and nothing. I feel like Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory sometimes with my fingers to my head trying to give the computer a death ray. And nothing comes out. But this year it will be on Tuesday, and Iíll have a little extra time. Who am I fooling? Iím the King of the Procrastinators!

But Iíve got a good feeling about this year. Its 10:30 folks, my columnís done, football coming on in a little while, the Twilight Zone is on now, and I got nothing to do the rest of the day. And did I mention there isnít a collard green no where near me!

Happy New Year!

Robbin Bruce may be reached by e-mail at robbinbruce@yahoo.com.

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