'Everybody can do what they want on Christmas Eve'

  • Friday, December 20, 2013

Chandler came home from school and announced that she would be spending the night at her friend's house. Her friend was a boy.
I know that she is only five, and that technically it would be okay to spend the night with her friend. I would let her spend the night with her male cousins without batting an eye. And, my girls often camp out in the living room with my boys. But, all that being said it would not really be okay to have a sleep over at a boy's house. Especially when I have never met said boy or his parents.
So, I promptly told her that she would not be spending the night at his house, but that maybe over Christmas break he could come over and play. The tiny tyrant was less than thrilled with this idea. In fact, she handled this news like most tyrants would. Loudly, and without a whole lot of reasonable reasons as to why I should let her.
A few days later I picked her up from school and she told me again that she will be having a sleep over with the same boy. Before I could correct her she said “I am sleeping over at his house on Christmas Eve, because everybody can do what they want on Christmas Eve. Because Santa has already loaded his sleigh with my presents. So, I will be doing what I want.”
Take a moment and let that sink in.
My five-year old has come up with this on her own, that there is one day a year when everyone can do whatever they want. Freaked out? Because I was. I didn't even know how to respond to that. I certainly had never thought about what time Santa loaded up presents on the sleigh.
Can you imagine if that was true? If there was a night that was a free-for-all? How scary would that be? Almost as scary as having my five-year-old come up with a plan to be able to whatever she wants without getting in trouble. Yikes!
I am just scared that if at five she can use that logic,  I am terrified for her at 16. Then, she'll be adding emotions and hormones to her logic. If I can't beat her five-year old logic, I am beginning to have serious doubts that I will beat her 16-year-old logic.

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