Let us be blessings to one another

  • Friday, October 25, 2013

“Do not be too righteous, and do not act too wise; why should you destroy yourself?  Do not be too wicked, and do not be a fool; why should you die before your time?”
Ecclesiastes 7:16-17, NRSV

Welcome to another day that the Lord has allowed us to come together.  His mercies are brand new again today.  Whatever you need from the Lord on this day let it be known unto Him who is able to do all things for us in accordance with His will.
Hopefully you have had a great week filled with peace and contentment; you were able to share your blessings with others which lets you know that it is better to give than to receive; and, you are feeling the wonders of the great world around you, then, may you have greater blessings; however, if your week has not been so good; your body has been wracked with pain, your friends have greatly misunderstood you, or a favored loved one has gone to be with the Lord, and your heart is sad, remember that God knows and He cares.  God never puts more on us than we can bear, but He always gives us a way of escape so that we can slip away and call upon His name, and He will comfort us and give us peace.  Let us be blessings to one another.

St. Joseph Missionary Baptist Church

The usher's anniversary celebration was held at St. Joseph Missionary Baptist Church on Sunday, Oct. 20 at 4 p.m. with First Lady Sister Rose Carraway officiating.  Others on program were sisters Barbara Washington, Delsenior Brown, Elizabeth Moore Bell, Betty Seward Sanders, Betty Grier, and Kemonee Moore, along with Rev. Herman Ford, Jr. and yours truly.  The scriptural text and theme for the program was taken from Psalm 84:10 which says, “I'd rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than to dwell in the tents of the wicked.”
We'd like to thank the sponsor and head usher, Mrs. Betty Grier along with the entire church family.  Rev. James Carraway, Sr. is the pastor.

Mt. Zion AME Church

You are invited to Mt. Zion AME Church in the Bloomingvale community of Andrews on Friday, Nov. 1 at 7:30 p.m. for a program sponsored by the gospel choir.  The speaker will be Elder Davie D. Sanders, the pastor of Morris Chapel United Methodist Church of Dorchester.  He will be accompanied by his choirs and congregation.  Brother Archie McCullough is the director of the gospel choir of Mt. Zion and Rev. Herman Ford, Jr. is the pastor.


Sixty-six years ago on this very date, I was born in the North Santee area of Georgetown County. I was the last of my mother's children born at home.  My midwife nurse was the late Mrs. Rose Bowens.  Everyone in the community called her Maa Rose.  My mother said I was born during the day hours, but I am not exactly sure of the time, but the day was Saturday, and I was the seventh child born to my parents.  I started first grade at the age of five since there was no Pre-K or kindergartens available in the area at that time.  
I like going back into the past, for sometimes a particular scent, or certain music, or a word, etc. can trigger bygone days, and I find myself “There” as Walter Cronkite used to say on his news program… “You are There” as he traveled back to news and happenings of yesteryear.

For some reason I decided to look up the origin of birthday on my computer, and what I found was, ”The surprising origin of birthdays”.  Of course I read further:

Birthdays are only mentioned twice in the Bible.  In the Old Testament, Pharaoh of Egypt had a birthday that he made a feast, (which was a birthday party) unto all his servants: and he lifted up the head of the chief butler and baker among his servants.  You may find this story in Genesis 40: 20-22.   As you read the story you will find that he hanged the chief baker on his birthday.  The next birthday celebration was that of wicked King Herod (Matthew 14) who had his wife Herodias's daughter to dance for him on his birthday, and the wife asked for John the Baptist's head on a charger, and he beheaded John the Baptist in prison.

Both Pharaoh and Herod were pagans, and birthday celebration was an Egyptian custom.  The article goes on to say that the Bible is totally silent on the date of birth of every single servant of God including Abraham, Noah, Moses, Samuel, David, the apostles, and most important of all, Jesus Christ himself for Dec. 25 is never mentioned in the Bible as Jesus' birthday.  
The early church understood that the day of one's birth is not the important thing.  It is merely the beginning of our life's journey, and most times it is a journey of struggles, trials, tests and tribulations of this world that we live in. There is something bad in the news every day.
There were many other facts that I plundered about birthdays and birthday celebrations, but overall, I am very thankful to God to see yet another one.  I thank Him for forgiveness of my sins, and for not letting me stay there entertaining them, but showing me a better way, and accepting me into His family.  I seek to please him more and more not only on my physical birthday but on that Thursday morning so many years ago that I can truly say, I was born again.  May all of you born this month and every month have  blessed birthdays, and if you haven't done it yet, seek to be born again.  It's great the supernaturally second time around.
If you would like to read more about birthday celebrations, drop me an email at Glrfo9@aol.com and just title it as “Birthday celebrations.”


Remember to pray for the sick and shut in, the bereaved, those in nursing homes and hospitals, the unsaved, and those with physical disabilities.  Keep praying for the fire victims of downtown Georgetown, our elected officials, and for each other.  May God bless you to have a wonderful weekend and upcoming week.

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