Let us revel in our beauty given to us by our Father

  • Friday, October 18, 2013

“Behold, I have refined thee, but not with silver; I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction.”
Isaiah 48:10

Hopefully you have had another wonderful week.  I have enjoyed looking at the various colors of the flowers in bloom this time of year.  I must say that God is a wonderful creator.  He has made all things beautiful in His time, and He beholds their beauty.  Just think, we are of much more value and beauty than the flowers, and each of us must be very beautiful in His sight.  Let us revel in our beauty given to us by our Father, and let us seek to be appreciative and pleasing to God by doing all we can to make Him proud.  


I remember when I was in elementary school, and the month of October rolled around, we found ourselves busy getting ready for Halloween.  The teacher would come around to inspect our artwork at drawing time.  Our creations for Halloween always included a big black cat with its back arched and a scary look on its face.  Other drawings would be of an old witch on a broomstick, or of the broomstick itself, and the familiar pumpkin with carved out eyes, nose and mouth.  We were excited as we did the drawings knowing that on Oct. 31 we would wear our masks and costumes, and get to play trick or treat.  Most of our costumes at that time were homemade except for the masks.
Trick or treat was something most everyone took part in, and enjoyed until later in life when I learned what the true meaning of Halloween is.  
I did some research quite a few years ago and then I made a report on the local radio station stating that I was not trying to change anyone's mind about Halloween, but I just wanted them to know the facts, and they could research and make up their own minds about the 31st day of October.  It included some of the following information:
In the Old Celtic calendar the year began on Nov. 1, so that the last evening of October was the night of all the witches, but the church transformed it into The Eve of All Saints.  This was done by Pope Gregory III in 735 to try to make it a Christian celebration.  
The Druids invented the earliest Halloween celebrations.  They were an order of Celtic sorcerers.  The Bible condemns all sorcery and sorcerers (Rev. 21:18; 22:15).  
Nov. 1, the first day of the Celtic year was a feast day to Samhain, lord of the dead, by the Druids.  But the God of the Bible is the God of the living according to Mark 12:27.  
The pumpkin or jack-o-lantern, large fires and apple bobbing also come from superstitious paganism.
Halloween is an evil day originating with unbelievers and infidels, based on blackness, darkness, night, unrighteousness, and infidelity.  It is a day of dedication to the dead and a celebration of witches and magic.  Halloween is the third highest day on the satanic calendar.  
Halloween costumes originated with Druid death rites.  As people and animals were screeching in agony while being burned to death, the observers would dress in costumes made of animal skins and heads, and enjoy the torment that was happening. Halloween is no joke.  
I think I've said enough about Halloween, except that I don't do trick or treat, and I don't entertain Halloween anymore according to 2 Corinthians 6:14 – 18.  Your decision is yours.

Lisa Roberts

Lisa Roberts is a native of South Carolina and has worked in the field of human services for years.  She holds a bachelor of science in human services from Springfield College, Springfield Massachusetts, and a dual master of arts from Webster University in human resources development and management and leadership.  Lisa has written a new book titled, Blame it on the Rain, with the creation of www.lovelifespirituality.com.  She is currently working on other literary projects.  Book signings, purchasing, and other events will be posted on the above website, along with an upcoming events calendar. Let's wish Lisa Roberts much success.

The Geathers family

Excerpts of an article concerning the Geathers family were taken from the June 3 issue of Sports Illustrated magazine.  It concerns Robert Geathers and his three football playing sons, Clifton, Kwame, and Robert Jr.  The caption says they form a decades-spanning defensive force.  
Mr. Geathers, also known as “Dab,” played with the Bills and then the USFL's Boston breakers. He is the older brother of football icon James Allen Geathers, known to most as “Jumpy.”
We should be extremely proud of the Geathers family,as father and sons photos are taken at leisure in life size photos. We should also realize that behind these four good men, is a good woman.  
James married the former Debra Grimmage in 1981, who is also a member of the Palmetto Annual Conference of the AME church, and my sister in the gospel in the Georgetown District's Women in Ministry organization.  We are extremely proud of her and her family.
The article spans four pages and mentions Georgetown County as their home base.  Are we proud or not? Thank you Geathers family for your dedication to the sport.

Cancer Awareness Walk

Thanks to Francis Swinton for sponsoring the Cancer Awareness Walk on Oct. 26 at the Mt. Zion Community Recreation Center.  The center is located at 1468 Mt. Zion Ave. and the walk begins at 8 a.m.  All are welcome, and encouraged to show your support.
House of Prayer Sowing Seeds Deliverance Ministries, under the direction of Pastor Johnnie Tisdale, and Gospel Tent Ministries, presents a night of camp meeting at 2105 Lincoln St., better known as the old fair grounds.  The program is scheduled to run through tomorrow night, and workshops begin at 11 a.m. with night services to begin at 7 p.m. For more information please contact David L. Knight at 803-971-0894 or Pastor Johnnie M. Tisdale at 843-240-0350.

Lighthouse of Jesus Church

First Lady Mildred Knowlin and the Lighthouse of Jesus Church family invites everyone to the pastoral appreciation of Bishop Floyd A. Knowlin on Sunday, Oct. 20 at the church with doors opening at 5 p.m. and service beginning at 6 p.m. with the Queen of Gospel, Pastor Shirley Caesar.  There is no admission charge, but a freewill offering will be taken.  Come early to get a good seat.


Remember to pray for the sick and shut in, the bereaved, those in nursing homes and hospitals, our government, and for each other.  I pray you will be blessed with a wonderful weekend, and great days to come.

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