Letters, October 18, 2013

  • Thursday, October 17, 2013

Re-elect leadership

The City of Georgetown is one of the jewels of South Carolina. I can think of no municipality in our state that has faced so many issues in the past few years.
Through all of the issues, the city has survived and progress is being made by responsible leadership.
Mayor [Jack] Scoville runs on his record for all to see. He does not use anonymous groups to attack his opponent.
Upon becoming mayor, he made the drainage project, which had been delayed for years, a top priority for completion.
Mayor Scoville has taken the lead in reducing the cost of government for residents and business owners by reducing the number of employees for the City without layoffs. Under his leadership, the City has saved hundreds of thousands in worker’s compensation and insurance premiums.
City Hall has become more business “user friendly.” Front Street was adding new businesses each month, until the tragic fire. Utility rates in the City of Georgetown are among the lowest of in the state. He has taken appropriate action to protect the City’s property and assets, again resulting in a net savings to the tax payers.
The City has completed enhancement projects in every area of town including new parks, new signage, a new boardwalk, new sidewalks and road improvements.
Jack’s many years as a watchful public servant have resulted in Georgetown county being able to invest $1.7 million in acquisition of public property for the citizens, and helping shape tax laws that enable cities and counties to revitalize.
He served as Georgetown County attorney for 17 years. Has served on the City Architectural Review Board, the County Planning Commission, chaired the County Elections Commission, was a governor’s appointee to the Board of the S.C. State Ports Authority and is currently a member of the Georgetown Port Dredging Task Force.
Mayor Scoville embraces Georgetown. His business is in the City, his children were educated in City schools and he has dedicated his expertise to making this a better place.
Jack is highly respected by municipal and legal peers around the state for his ability to negotiate and get things done. No candidate understands the complexity of governmental issues and good government better than Mayor Scoville.
More than ever, the City of Georgetown needs a mayor who will be on the job every day and who has the contacts, experience and resources to continue to lead the City forward. That person is Jack Scoville.

Vida O. Miller
Pawleys Island
Miller represented the City of Georgetown for 14 years in the S.C. General Assembly

Reasons for change

November 5th, we have an extremely important election for mayor and Council. As a life long resident of Georgetown and someone who loves our community, I write this letter. The people that will lead this city will have a tremendous impact on its very survival. For those that know me, I am a numbers person, they do not lie. In the last two years, the west side of the Waccamaw experienced 40 to 43 percent foreclosure rate and loss in property values. We are losing our young families, not because they want to leave, but because they have to leave to find a job to support their families. We need to change direction.
My reasons for change are as follows: After the election four years ago, for the first time in my memory, the city taxpayers had to hire a professional councilor to help our mayor and council learn to work together (sounds like Washington). The day after the sink hole crisis, a press conference was held, our mayor attended (key word attended). When asked by the press why he had not said anything, his response was “nobody asked me” (lawyer or leader).
Most recently, the day after the horrible fire on Front Street, the governor of S.C. changed her schedule to come to show her support of our community. Our mayor made the comment that he did not particularly care for her and he had something else to do (even Obama and Christie set aside their differences after Hurricane Sandy).
Last but not least at the debate held Oct. 14 our mayor left before the debate ended, showing a complete lack of regard for the citizens that attended and candidates on stage. (I could go on and on.) Actions speak louder than excuses.
Richard Powers, candidate for mayor, came back home to Georgetown to raise his family. He runs two boat dealerships and understands the struggle of the businessman.
His experience in sales was taught to him by his late father, Jack Powers. He was raised in Maryville where he resides now. He has a strong faith in God. He will bring a new vision to government, embrace our history and move us forward. He knows how to lead and get things done.
Carol Jayroe, whom I have known forever, is also a product of Georgetown. Her business background is in banking and working with people. After years in the banking business, Carol turned to real estate and runs Prince George Sotheby International. She works tirelessly in the Presbyterian Church. She knows first hand what the needs of Georgetown are and will work to get it done.
Ed Kimbrough, another product of Georgetown, is a classmate of mine from Winyah High School. Ed left Georgetown for a career in the corporate world and returned to Georgetown in 2003. He currently serves as Broker in Charge of The Georgetown Real Estate Agency. He too is a man of faith. He will bring his experience, contacts and leadership to council.
They are a team now, lets’ put them to work. It is not about parties, it is about the future and who can do the best job.
There is an old saying that I believe goes like this: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.”
Let’s stop the insanity. Vote Powers, Jayroe, Kimbrough Nov. 5. (Vote absentee or if you are going to be out of town go by the Voter registration office on Hazard Street and vote anytime.)

Eileen S. Johnson
Georgetown, SC 29440

Ipe wood for Harborwalk

After reading Lee Padgett’s letter in the October 16, 2013 edition of The Georgetown Times regarding the city’s choice several years ago in choosing Ipe wood to replace pine on the Harborwalk, I felt compelled to reply.
It was just a few years back when Mr. Padgett and a few others were protesting the use of Ipe wood on the Harborwalk. At the time, I didn’t remember him protesting Harborwalk Marina or Belle Isle Marina for using the same product for their decking.
Once our Harborwalk is fully reopened, he will be able to see how the Ipe wood was barely damaged from the horrible fire we had a few weeks ago and how charred and burned the gates and pilings made from pine were destroyed.
Had the entire Harborwalk been replaced with pine, our city would not only have lost structures but more than likely most of the Harborwalk behind the 700 block.
Thank goodness, the majority of council made what he thought was a bad decision. I for one am proud of my vote on the Ipe wood.

Paige Sawyer

Richard Powers: Candidate for mayor

In today’s political environment, one is really at a loss when deciding who they should support for office. It would be great if we could spend quality time with each candidate so that we might discover who they really are. Unfortunately, that is not always possible but there is something each of us can do. We can share our first hand knowledge of those who are seeking political office. Hence, this letter.
Richard Powers who is a candidate for mayor of Georgetown, is a personal acquaintance and without reservation, I can strongly recommend him. Richard is indeed a “what you see is what you get” personality.
He is God-fearing, honest to a fault, industrious, innovative and most of all kind. He is deeply involved in his church and is a strong supporter of such charitable groups as Banded Brothers and Five Dollar Ministry. He is also a dedicated husband and father and I’m convinced one would have to search long and hard to find anyone who would speak ill of him.
I am not a citizen of Georgetown so I cannot vote in your upcoming Mayoral election. But, I can personally guarantee you will never find a better man for the position. Thanks for listening.

Archie Hanna
Andrews City candidates’ forum

I would like to thank the Georgetown Business Association, the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce, WGTN Radio Station and Southern Coastal Television for putting on the debate between candidates for office in the Nov. 5 election. It was a well-run debate and let the people of Georgetown see that there are choices for them.
The questions really got to the core of some of the needs for the City of Georgetown. It is going to take cooperation between the city government and all of the people of Georgetown to get the downtown back to where it was before the fire and also to address the needs of every part of the city. Our city government should always be responsive to all the people of the city.
Of course, there were some issues that did not surface. One is our Port. We need to do all we can to get our Port back in full operation. It takes cooperation with city, county, state and federal agencies to get big projects like this done. Put differences aside and work together.
We need our road system upgraded. Our infrastructure needs improvements. These are the items that will take the full cooperation of all related agencies from local government to the federal government.
I personally feel that the newcomers of Richard Powers, Carol Jayroe and Ed Kimbrough are totally qualified to get our city moving in the right direction.
So, I challenge each and every voter to look hard at the candidates and choose the ones that you think will make the difference in getting Georgetown moving forward and go to the polls and place your vote. Every vote counts. If you need to vote early, each and every person can go to the election commission and vote early. You do not need to wait until Nov. 5 to cast your vote. Just vote. This is your freedom to choose.

Brenda M. Bessinger

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The Georgetown Times does not endorse candidates for political office.
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