Robbin Bruce: Sometimes I think we get a little carried away with holidays

  • Thursday, October 17, 2013

Monday morning, like most Mondays, I was half asleep when I got up. Most retired folks know what I mean. All your working life, the one thing you look forward to is sleeping as long as you want to on Monday. And when you finally get there, you take full advantage of it.

Besides where else do you have to go? I guess that's why most of us never pay a calendar much attention, other than doctor visits, I only have three days a week I pay much attention to. Sunday, that's for church, Wednesday, I write, and on Friday a bunch of us get together for the Friday “meeting” behind Raymond's, while he cooks BBQ chicken. Maybe Saturday, can't miss college ball, I'm not a complete heathen.
But Monday morning was a little different, as I sat on the porch watching Doc make his patrol, I noticed on Facebook it was Columbus Day, and other than somebody at the bank being off, to everyone else it was just another day. The only thing I was wondering about was whether the dump was closed, that's about as far as my celebrating was going to go.

I remember when we lived up North many years ago, Columbus Day was a big deal, we even got the day off of school if I remember right, but down here, if you don't work at the bank or the Post Office, most folks don't pay it much attention. Then again, most folks remember he just run up on an island in the Caribbean, and thought it was China. If he had just waited a few more years he might have run into Jimmy Buffet in Margaritaville, now that would have been something to celebrate about!
And that got me to thinking about some of the holidays that we have that most folks don't pay any attention to. Like Groundhog Day. There's something about him seeing his shadow, and us, having six more weeks of winter. Well I could solve that problem, I'd just set a trash can over the top of his hole, and he would have to worry about coming out his hole, then we wouldn't have six more weeks of winter.
But you know us, that wouldn't work; we like to celebrate too much. So I took a minute to look up some more of the so-called holidays we like to celebrate. Like Sept. 19, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, yep, there is actually a day to walk around and go arrrh all day. Then there is Sept. 28, Ask a Stupid Question Day, which should be followed by National Punch in the Mouth Day, if we had one.
May 4 is Star Wars Day, my kids probably would like that one, I know I've sat through those movies enough. April 26 is Hug a Friend Day, followed by on the first Saturday of July's International Free Hug Day, seems to me they could consolidate those two. April 20 is National 420 Day, which is another way to say National Marijuana Day; something tells me there will probably be a big mellow party that evening.
 The day after Thanksgiving is National Listening Day, which couldn't be a worse pick for a day on this list. Between the shopping, the carolers, and the kids screaming what they want for Christmas, then again maybe it's not such a bad idea after all. Then there is National Single Awareness Day, which is celebrated on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of February. If you don't get something on Valentine's Day, which is the 14th, do you really need three days to remind you of that? But Random Kindness Day is the 17th, so I guess it makes up for it.
But I did see two I know I won't be celebrating: International Sweater Vestival and Go Skateboarding Day,
One, I don't wear sweaters, and two: SKATEBOARDING,
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