Erin Spatz: Finding humor in my day

  • Saturday, October 12, 2013

As a mommy of four, some days I have only two choices on how to look at my day. I can either laugh or cry.

And since I believe life was intended to be enjoyed, I often choose to laugh or at least find the humor.

When my youngest two kids were fighting over their imaginary friend, I had to send a pretend person to time out.

After having broken up countless fights throughout the day I had to make a choice. I laughed.

It was hard because it is difficult enough to discipline real children, but now I have to punish pretend ones.

After I was yelled at by my almost teenage son about how making him brush his teeth, shower or just observe basic hygiene was “trying to change him,” I giggled.

Apparently, good mothers accept their sons just the way the are, complete with stomping up the stairs and slamming the door twice, in case it wasn’t clear that he was angry.

I giggled, because someday not only will he thank me, but all of his future girlfriends will thank me.

If your son gets hold of a permanent marker and draws all over his face, giving himself a Hitler-style mustache which then requires you to send him to school that way, (because Sharpie is not kidding when they say permanent) you really have no choice but to crack a smile.

Because, for the rest of your life and his, you will have that memory.

And the best choice is to make that memory a funny one.

For both of you.

Being locked out of your house by a child who doesn’t want you to come in and give them a hair cut is a great opportunity to choose humor.  

Good grief, it’s a hair cut, not torture. And to go so far as to lock your mother and siblings outside is a bit drastic.

There were definite consequences for locking me out, but I did laugh before I gave a good, long lecture.

My point here, is that we all have a daily choice to make.

Happiness is a choice and I will wholeheartedly agree that some days choosing happiness is very difficult.

And I often say out loud, that I am going to choose to find the humor in the moment.

Making the choice to see the humor in something won’t come easy and it may not happen every day.

But, trying to find the humor or joy in things will eventually come naturally.

And when it does, it will bubble over, much like the bath tub when my child over filled it and used a whole bottle of bubble bath!

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