Editorial: Kill the bum!

  • Friday, July 27, 2012

That’s a cry most often heard at ball games when the person shouting it out doesn’t like an umpire’s or referee’s decision on a play. We all hope that’s just a figure of speech and doesn’t mean any more than you’re unhappy with the decision.
But, over the past few days and weeks that kind of thought has been posted on the Georgetown Times Web site and Facebook pages by many people you would think are good, reasonable people.
The comments are made in regards to a man who was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.
We’ve had several stories in our paper about Dara the black Lab who was found in the IP canal with her legs taped together and her muzzle taped. She had also been hit in the head.
Later, two other dogs — similarly taped — were found dead in the canal near where Dara was found.
Our laws say anyone accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty. He’s also entitled to a fair trial, by a jury of his peers.
Once a trial is held, if convicted, a judge will pass sentence on the offender.
Until all that happens, the man is simply charged with a crime, not someone who should be tortured and killed.
Pets that we take into our lives and our homes can become almost like members of our families. We love them, pamper them, care for them and feed and shelter them.
But — they are animals, not human beings.
If someone abuses an animal, that is wrong. If charged, tried and convicted the person should have to pay an appropriate penalty for his actions.
But, really, kill him?
The actions taken against the dogs are wrong and disgusting.
But how low do you go when you suggest that a human being should be tortured, left to drown, or get a bullet in the head — not because of what he did, but because of what he’s accused of doing?
The subject is in jail right now. Law enforcement arrested him, based on tips and other information.
The judicial system is designed to handle a trial, hear evidence and defense, and then if there’s a jury trial, the peers of the accused render a decision.
People who post on Facebook or on our Web site with comments calling for the torture and killing of a human being should wonder about themselves.
It’s appropriate to believe the actions in this case are wrong. It’s appropriate to say the person committing those actions is deserving of paying a penalty.
But torture and killing — no.

Reasonable alternatives

Several people have posted other suggestions. They include leaving the family alone, not making such hateful comments, praying for all involved, and getting involved themselves in helping Saint Frances Animal Center and other animal shelters.
Those are much better suggestions and do credit to our community.
Give it some thought and take appropriate action.

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