Robbin Bruce: Well I guess it’s time

  • Thursday, September 19, 2013

The other night Mel looked over at me and said “Don't you think it's time you wrote an article about the wedding, it's been a couple months now?” Well to be honest I figured I'd give them a couple months, I would say until the new wore off, but hey that could be a couple years.
The thing about it is, the first time Brooke walked in the house, I said to myself, this guy is gonna be trouble. Now don't get me wrong, what I mean by that is I think all Daddys get that funny feeling in the back of their head when they see a guy, and for some reason, even before their daughters, they know this guy is going to be around a long, long time. And slowly but surely, after all these years of being the center of her universe, that feeling starts slipping away. Then comes the day he asks you for permission, yeah, that's a little old school, but it shows respect, and besides you know there's really nothing you can say but yes. They are happy, and you know it's right, so why would you stand in their way?
Getting back to the wedding: well it started before I even got up that Saturday morning. Four head of women were getting ready, hey the wedding wasn't until five, what's the rush, it was late by the time we got back from the rehearsal, let's sleep in a little, at least till eight. But nope, at seven that morning Mel, Jess, KT, and a friend of Jess's, who was staying with us, had to go get their hair done. Even Doc was looking at me like what's going on? Mel had already been to the church hauling stuff, so by then she was wired up, me, I was just trying to stay out of the way. Then about twelve they all came rolling back in, and the fun started all over again.
And that's about the time they started in on me. “You need to get a shower, where's your socks?” Now I had no plans whatsoever to wear that monkey suit to the church, and besides the wedding wasn't till five right, wrong. The five o'clock deadline kept changing, now I had to be out there at two, so the lady could take pictures at three, this is getting way out of hand. But I made them all a promise, for twenty four hours I would keep my mouth shut, so if it was now two o'clock at the church, then it's two o'clock, and that's fine with me.
Well I did get to wear shorts to the church, but fifteen minutes later, they had me in a monkey suit, with socks. If you don't believe me ask Mel, because she pulled up my pants leg just to be sure. Then came the pictures, I have no idea how many there were, but it was a bunch. I did behave though, well you know me, just as they were about to snap one I pinched Boog on the butt … he almost jumped over the altar.

About that time the people started coming in, and it was a crowd. After the pictures I had been sitting on the back row, basically because I didn't know what else to do. But it gave me time to think, of the day she was born, the bruised knees, the doll babies, all the good times and even some of the hard ones. I think all fathers go through this a little, that from this day forward she wasn't going to be just my little girl anymore, but his too. And then they came and got me.
As I walked in the back of the church, there she was, and she was beautiful. As the music was playing, I couldn't help my self, 'Jessie, let's go home and cook a purlow”, but I knew the answer, even before she told me to hush.
A few weeks before the wedding I thought to my self, they are going to ask me that question that all fathers dread, whether they will admit it or not, 'Who gives this woman?” All you really suppose to say is “I do.” But I couldn't do that, because there were so many people who had taken part in Jessie's journey through her life. So when the time came and I was finally asked I turned and said, “Well Brook” and you could have heard a pin drop, except for Jessie saying 'Daddy!” she didn't have a clue of what I was about to say. “There have been a lot of people who have taken part in raising her, some here, some have gone on, and in honor of all those, I do.”
And so it began, it was a beautiful service, and the reception went off with out a hitch. Finally that night around eleven when I got to my chair, and was thinking how happy I was that everything had gone so well, and it was finally over, I remembered something. I got another daughter:
In a couple years, I got to do it all over again!!

You can reach Robbin Bruce by e-mail at robbinbruce@yahoo.com.

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