Robbin Bruce: I saw a great show the other night, but it wasn't on TV

  • Thursday, September 5, 2013

The other night, while coming home from a meeting, I was, like most folks do, riding down the road, just listening to the radio, letting the miles ride by as I made my way home. I had a few things on my mind, so I really wasn't paying much attention to anything, just keeping it between the yellow lines. Then something caught my attention, I had noticed the sky seemed dark up ahead, but just then I saw a beautiful sight. Flashing cross the sky was a streak of heat lightning, at least that's what we've always called it. As I traveled down 521, I got to watch one of the most beautiful light shows you'll ever see.
One minute it looked as if some one had flashed a flashlight under a pillow, the next it streaked like a child trying to draw a line from one point to another. Every now and then an L shape would cross the sky, the short half headed somewhere towards the ground. It was continuous, but mysterious; you never knew which part of the sky it was going to pop up at next, it was if I took my eyes off it, I was going to miss something I had never seen before.
Before long I got home, so I stood on the porch for a while, but the trees obscured the storm as it seemed to have passed on to the south. Then I got to thinking, one of the most dangerous things on this Earth, in reality, was one of the most beautiful things about it.
That is, if it's not streaking down, popping the trees in your yard, then, let's be honest, we all get a little scared. I have very few memories of my Grandmomma Herring, but one I have sticks out in my mind. She was terrified of lightning storms. We would be at her house and one would come up, and we had to sit still, and be quiet. As a kid I never understood that, would playing in the house and talking attract lightning? I can remember her sitting there, with her hands clasped together, praying as hard as she could, and with every crack that seemed to hit the house, she seemed to pray a little harder.
I wonder if that's where most of us get our fear of lightning, even Momma seem to fuss at us when we would get rambunctious during a storm. A streak would light up the house and we would run to the window to see if we could catch a glimpse, all the while Momma yelling at us to get away from the window.
Now don't get me wrong, I'm not going to go and stick my tongue to a flagpole, while I'm standing in a puddle up to my ankles. In fact, the other day one came up while I was sitting on the porch, and after sitting there a minute or two enjoying the cool breeze that comes with the rain, when I watched a steak come down {or up if you want to get all scientific} and hit a tree across the road, I figured I would ease on in the house.
But if you think about it, we are all amazed at God's handiwork. How many times have you caught yourself staring out of a window during a rain storm? And every time you see the water start to puddle up, do you, in the back of your mind go back to when you were a kid, waiting for it to clear up some, so you could go and run and jump in the puddles. Oh sure, you knew that you were going to get fussed at, “Don't you get those clothes wet,” or either it was, “Get out of that water, you going to wind up with the ground itch.” Exactly what is the ground itch? I know we were threatened with it enough, but it only seemed to come around after it rained.
Times change though, these days when I see a puddle I try to stay out of it, so I don't get my shoes wet. The puddles that went to my knees barely make it past my ankles now anyway. And every now and then I hear my Grandmomma's voice, just as a crack comes down from the sky …

And I figure it's time to come in off the porch.

You can reach Robbin Bruce by e-mail at robbinbruce@yahoo.com.

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