Robbin Bruce: Election season, please be over soon

  • Thursday, October 18, 2012

I donít know about you people, but me, Iíll be glad when Thanksgiving gets here. Not just because of the food and the family getting together, itís because by then the Election will finally be over. Which election you ask, ALL of them to be exact. Iím just tired of hearing about it. You canít turn on the TV, radio, Internet, or even ride down the road without something reminding you of it. Now before someone gets the idea Iím anti-American or something, Iím not, itís just that I think Iím like most people. Iím tired of something being shoved in my face every five minutes.

Thatís like a couple months ago, just as it was getting to the part of a show I was watching to where they finally explain everything, the phone rings. So here I am trying to listen to the show, and I see a number that I donít recognize, first thing that runs through my mind, something wrong? Hey, Iíve watched enough CSI and Law and Order to know itís when you least expect it the worse happens. So I hit the button, and this voice says ďHello,Ē then hesitates a minute, like they want to make sure itís me. When I answer, itís just like a real person, that is till I start talking, and they talk right over me. And itís a candidate, letís just leave it right there, and I know THEY arenít really calling me, itís a recording, and I just missed who really killed the lady on CSI.

Then there was last week. Iím home all the time, so I must be a prime target. Another lady called, this one was real. After we got past the pleasantries, ďHey how you doing, fine and you,Ē she reminded me of the coming election. She was extremely nice, so I didnít say anything like I would have to have been living in a cave not to know that, she asked me if I knew a candidate. Yes, I know who he is, and then she wanted to know how I would be voting? Now folks, thatís my business just like your vote is yours. But I was nice, and as nicely as I could I told Iíd rather keep that to myself.

I guess the reason it kind of ticks me off when somebody asks me that is something that happened years ago when I was a boy. I couldnít have been more then 10 or 12 and a guy came by our house. Dad invited him in. I didnít know him and as I think back I still donít know who he was, but Iíll never forget something he kept doing. He must have had a pocket full of money, because he kept shaking his pocket the whole time he was talking to Daddy. Finally when he left, I asked Daddy what he wanted. ďHe wanted to buy my vote with that pocket full of silver dollars he kept jingling.Ē I guess thatís another thing Iím proud of my father for. When he left, that manís hand had never come out his pocket. My father had served his country for 20 years, and some guy thought he could buy his vote for a handful of silver.

Then there are the debates, now thereís a mouthful. No, I have never been on a debate team, really donít understand the rules, but from what Iíve seen are there really any rules? I kind of thought one guy gets a question, then he answers it then itís the other guyís turn for rebuttal.

For one thing, and I may be a simpleton to say this, but if you are going to get on TV, and say something you need to have your facts straight. But the question is which facts are facts. Before one side even finishes the other side jumps up and says wait a minute, thatís not right. OK, if heís lying, say it, thatís a bald-faced lie. Then prove it. And the thing is, the answers we are getting are really never what the question was to start with.

Now donít get me wrong, things like the economy, foreign policy, Medicare, Social Security, these are not simple subjects, but if two men canít have a simple discussion on their views on how to fix them, how can we expect the Senate and Congress to get together?

In all our years together, Iíve never asked Mel, and now the kids, who they voted for. And thatís the way it should be. That way when a politician says something, he canít fall back and say, ďWell my party is supporting me,Ē if itís not quite right. He needs to be worried if every single voter is going to support him.

I know that sounds kind of simple, but I never have said I was a complicated man.

You can reach Robbin Bruce by e-mail at robbinbruce@yahoo.com.

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