Robbin Bruce: Black Friday is over, now the real work begins

  • Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Well, we have made it through Thanksgiving. As you woke up this morning, are you still feeling any of the after effects of the turkey Ďcomaí? They proved it a couple years ago, there is something that makes you want to sleep after eating turkey, I forgot what they called it though. By now the walking wounded are making it home from the Black Friday Shopping, I canít think of a thing that I have to have bad enough to fight those lines. My KT use to love it, but even she has finally lost the thrill of the hunt. But thatís alright, because around the Bruce household weíre getting ready to go into phase II, the trimming of the tree, so let the battle begin.

I guess you could say we have kind of stayed traditional, nothing Christmassy comes out till after Thanksgiving. Mel has some knickknacks just for Thanksgiving itself, I guess they went up about a week ago, and she hates to put them up just to yank them down, but Friday has arrived and itís time for them to go to make room for the rest of the holiday ornaments. But the first question is this, where do we start? The tree, the inside, or the outside, well letís see whatís in the first box? One of my kids was asked, ďWhat theme is your mother planning for her Christmas decorations?Ē Theme, I thought Christmas was theme enough, so I told my daughter to tell her ďEarly American Redneck RenaissanceĒ. I think she just told her ďFreestyleĒ, which unless Iím wrong is pretty much what most of us do.

I guess what goes up first is the tree, make that the first thing is we have to rearrange the furniture, then the tree. Like most of us these days we have an artificial one, Iíd like to have a real one, but me and Jessieís sinuses canít take it. We tried for a couple years and sneezed all the way through Christmas. After the lights come the ornaments, I really donít think there is two of a kind on the whole tree. For you see Mel has kept just about every one the kids have ever made, and then thereís the ones she buys. Each year since we have been married she has bought each of us, our own special ornament. Then one year she got into cross-stitching and made one for each of use, plus one for the guys in my National Guard squad. There are cut-out snow flakes, gingerbread man, plus the whole Peanuts gang, hidden on the branches of that tree. And the lights, multi-colored and white bulbs, when itís plugged in it lights the room, everything you would really expect from a family Christmas tree.

Then comes out the do-dads, we all have them, the candles, the reindeer, and the twisting Santa Claus. Two things that are still put out, but are kind of old. One is a candle, nothing fancy, in fact it was a giveaway at KFC, but Mel got it just before our first Christmas together, so every year it comes out. The other to tell the truth I just brought it home a couple years ago. It had been Mommaís, a wind-up Santa and his sleigh. She told me one time she had gotten it when she was a little girl, and had set it out ever since. And all my life it was either on the coffee table or the TV, every Christmas wherever we were. Now itís on mine, and maybe one day one of my girls will keep the tradition.

But last but surely not least is the stockings, you know the ones hung with care, when we were first married Mel got us one apiece, now each of us have one. Even Doc and the cat Daisy, though I will say, for some reason KTís seems to get bigger every year, last yearís I think I could have crawled in it and took a nap. And then itís on to outside, and thatís when the games really begin.

My KT is the coordinator, and to be honest, Iíve never seen the method to her madness, but thatís her thing. But it is kind of funny watching them decorate the Mr. Beasley tree. One gets in my truck, and the other gets in the back, and around and around they go, wrapping it till they can go no higher. Donít laugh it works! And if you think about it that is what this season is really all about, families coming together to laugh and remember the good times, and make new ones.

And I guess that would be my Theme for Christmas, and I hope it never changes.

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You can reach Robbin Bruce by e-mail at robbinbruce@yahoo.com.

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