Robbin Bruce: A rocking chair, a dog and the paper

  • Friday, January 18, 2013

Last Friday afternoon, Doc let me know that he needed to take a patrol around the yard, just to make sure the squirrels hadnít stolen anything. He gets that way sometimes, to say heís a little over protective of me would be an understatement. So I just sat down in my rocking chair and figured Iíd just let him look around. Like most of us now, my cell phone has Internet on it, so Iíd read the paper while I waited, do you call it that when youíre reading it on the phone?

The first article I read was about them finding two guns in a Charleston County School. You know thatís something Iíll never understand, why kids think itís all right to do something like that, especially with all that has been going on here lately. I have been around guns all my life, but I have never been scared of them, ítil now that is.

I remember coming home from hunting, and standing outside with Dad as he watched me make sure it was unloaded. In my life I have shot everything from a .22 to a grenade launcher and I understand why people like to shoot them, but two things we were always taught, respect and responsibility. What I want to know is who was responsible for those guns, certainly not some little kid. There is a big discussion going on around this nation, as it should be, but if it had started in the home, along with responsibility, maybe some of these tragedies might have been avoided.

The next story I read was about a woman in Georgia, who had to shoot a man breaking in her home. I didnít say house for a reason, a house is just four walls and a roof, but a home is different. A home is where your children sleep, where they play with their toys. Where you celebrate Christmas, Easter, and all the other holidays. Where your family comes together around the dinner table for meals, and at night lay your head down to rest. But that man who was attempting to break in and steal from them, while he didnít accomplish what he started out to do, in a sense he did. He took their serenity, the feeling of calm and peace we all have when we walk in our front door. He took from them something more valuable than any material thing, he stole their home.

Then there was the guy in New York who wanted to plant a bomb under some arch in a park. AN ARCH, a place where people just walk around to enjoy the day. Has hatred really come this far, where we just kill people because we are mad at the world? I know I am over-simplifying things, but who among us doesnít at times get frustrated with our government, or with groups of people who do things that we in our wildest dreams we wouldnít agree with? But just kill people just to make a statement? Iím sorry, I know Iím just an old country boy, but I will never understand some people.

Then there was this guy in England, heís dead now, but finally his crimes are coming out. He was some kind of big entertainer or something; he had a show one time for years like the English version of American Bandstand. Well it turns out for years he had been abusing kids, and worse, if anything could be worse than that. And from what I read they covered it up, somebody did. And now after he has been dead a few years itís finally coming out. You know, I keep hearing how water and air, land, these are our most precious resources Ö no they arenít, our kids are. If we donít protect them, what good is it to have these other things? Our next generation is our most precious resource, and if we let someone destroy them, then the shame is on us.

All this and more I read as I watched Doc sniff around, making sure the squirrels werenít taking over the home place. And then I got to thinking, next Friday Ö

I wonder what will be in the paper.

†† †
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