• Tuesday, December 4, 2012

By Bob Anderson

I have seen this rhetoric more than once since the election. The question is, can this be true? My response to the question — I think not!

If one examines the demographics of the election results, the following becomes clear. Obama won because he carried the youth vote, the single mother vote, the lower income White, Black, and Hispanic vote and the Union vote. These voting blocs were not fools for supporting Obama. These folks had a real incentive to go out and vote. If Obama had lost the election, life as they have known it would have come to an end in a relatively short time.

So what was their incentive?

Our youth have been indoctrinated into believing that the government should supply them with stuff for the past forty years via a public education system leveraged by the Department of Education. Over the past four years, the federal government has completely taken over the student loan program and has forced insurance companies to provide voting age youth with medical insurance until they are twenty six.

Single mothers currently enjoy free contraception, free abortions, free child care, and free child support.

Lower income folks and those who choose not to work currently benefit from welfare, food stamps, low income housing, subsidized utilities, free cell phones, and who knows what else.

Union folks, among other things, are paid more for their services than their non-union counterparts, and once retired, they are receiving pensions that are much higher that their non-union counterparts, driving manufacturing off shore, and edging state and local governments closer to bankruptcy.

Obama’s jobs bill was created to put teachers, police, and firemen back to work. If it had passed, I am certain that no right to work state, South Carolina for instance, would have received a dime. More important is the fact that the federal government should not be involved in hiring teachers, police, or firemen and neither should the state governments. This is the responsibility of the local government.

Some other programs that benefit all of the above-mentioned groups include Obama Care, Medicaid, and Unemployment Compensation.

Obama Care will add 30 million uninsured into the rolls of the insured citizens and, in the end, none of them will pay a dime towards their insurance. Obama not only extended the unemployment compensation to 99 weeks, before the election, he also decided to give people with jobs a break from paying payroll taxes. The system is based on the assumption that the folks on Social Security are being paid from the funds collected from the folks working. My guess is that our grandchildren will end up paying for that pre-election give away.

As for Medicaid, if there continues to be a need, in the event that Obama Care is not found to be unconstitutional, it should be managed at the local government level to restrict the recipient pool to those with a legitimate need — grass roots management.

We are all painfully aware of the fact that we have 12 million Americans out of work, but did you know that there are five million jobs currently available?

The total breaks down to, four million skilled and semi-skilled jobs, and one million unskilled jobs with no one to fill them. The problem is that the unemployed and the folks that are not interested in working either don’t want to do the jobs that are available, or don’t want to spend the time required to qualify for the available jobs. Could this phenomenon have any correlation to the number of illegal aliens we have working in our country? You think!

These are people who are willing to risk everything to come here to work while we have people who would rather be on the dole than move to another location and work for a living. I venture to say that if it weren’t for illegal aliens, the number of available jobs would be closer to seven million.

So who are the real fools?

They would be folks who voted for someone other than Obama? They are probably White with a light mix of Black and Hispanic, over 25 years in age, and paying income taxes. These are the folks who are working and supplying the federal government with the funds to keep the afore-mentioned on the dole. These folks are the 50 percent of the population that pay income taxes. This is the money that will keep the Democrats (Socialists) in power by means of redistributing the wealth.

A portion of the other 50 percent may claim that they pay taxes because they pay payroll taxes.

The fact of the matter is that payroll taxes are collected as a forced retirement program (Social Security and Medicare) and as an insurance policy (Unemployment Compensation) in the event one is laid off from their job. In other words, these are funds that are supposed to come back to the worker and not be used for discretionary spending, e.g. anything the government may want to fund. Unfortunately, LBJ made the decision to merge the payroll tax funds with the general fund during his administration.

Is there a way to reverse the trend and get the majority of folks to vote for what is good for America instead of voting for the candidate that will supply them with more free stuff?

I can come up with three solutions.

One, the Legislative and Executive Branches actually eliminating all of the discretionary entitlement programs (welfare, food stamps, subsidized housing, etc.) and let the state and local governments handle them as they see fit. Secondly, do major overhaul on non-discretionary programs — Social Security and Medicare. Social Security was originally enacted to supplement people’s income when they retired. It has evolved over the years to include the survivors, and children of those who paid into the system. Folks who have become disabled, regardless of how long they have paid in, are covered. The program has grown to become not only a government-managed retirement program, but a life and long term disability insurance policy paid for by the next generation. Folks should go to the private sector for life and disability insurance. They are not expensive. Medicare, on the other hand, is too inexpensive. For every dollar that you pay in, someone down the road will pay three dollars in taxes for your healthcare once you are eligible. We need to pay in more during our working years and raise the eligibility age to 70. Medicaid needs to be managed by local government so that only folks that deserve free medical treatment receive it. Remember, we are living longer. Does this solution have a chance of becoming reality? I don’t think so. The last election proved that there are too many takers to ever elect another president, or enough conservative senators that would make these changes.

Two, have a Constitutional Convention to repeal the 16th Amendment — the power to collect taxes on income. Our tax system would not be a problem if our politicians hadn’t discovered how to use it as a tool for reward and punishment. The complexity and length of our tax code is all the proof that is required. We need to replace all of our current federal taxes, including payroll taxes, with a federal sales tax. A sales tax would require everyone to have skin in the game. The tax rate would have to be about 23% to balance our current budget, if we had one; but if everyone was “Paying Their Fair Share”, you can bet that the percentage would drop quickly when folk decided to keep their money instead of receiving free stuff paid for with their money.

Since the first solution can’t work and the second has a slim chance, Solution number Three, is a bit more drastic, but we have just reached a major turning point in our country. The only sure-fire way to stop the socialists from using our money to stay in power is to cut off the money supply. That would be income taxes. I have an idea as to how to accomplish this, but I will let you use your own imagination.

I am certain the facts and opinions that I have laid out will anger some of you, but I can assure you that there are folks out there who are just as angry who will agree with me. As I stated in an Opinion Editorial that I wrote in August of 2011 titled Compromise, one way or another, things are going to get ugly!

Bob Anderson is a resident of the Pawleys Island area and represents District 6 on Georgetown County Council.

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