John Brock: Rise and fall of American culture

  • Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When the monumental testament entitled, “The Rise and Fall of American Society” is written, and it is certain to be written some day, future generations might be surprised and disgusted at how badly we went wrong.

Few of us will be around, but it is interesting to speculate about what future historians might write about the demise of American Culture.

I suspect that they will begin to see the genesis of much of our problem was the mounting dependence on a strong, central Federal Government for the solution to every problem in life – problems that our forefathers solved for themselves. Problems that our forbears traditionally forbade the government to get involved in. Failure to concoct solutions to problems that set us on the path toward losing our independence, therefore, our freedom and, consequently, our way of life.

Although future historians will blame many causes for our downfall, one highpoint in the history of our demise is certain to be the point at which Americans lost their reverence for life. Once we gave way to abortion on demand, it was just a small step toward the eventual concept that man has the right to judge and determine which lives are worthy of being lived. What next? Euthanasia becomes common – first the abortion of unwanted babies followed by the killing off of the infirmed and then the old.

We are already seeing foreshadowing of this under the thus-far disclosed regulations of so-called Obamacare which call for the withholding of certain medical procedures for the elderly. The selection of which fetus will live and which will die became the judgment solely of prospective parents – based not on reverence of life – but more often upon the perceived inconvenience of a newborn baby or the expense of lifesaving medical measures for old folks. When this trend comes full circle, it will be shown that we lost forever our ability to think of life as sacrosanct. Life will have become “cheap” in America just as in other failed cultures.

It will be noted that a dramatic change in culture occurred when we eliminated the lives of future Americans and replaced too many of those lost lives with un-aborted illegal immigrants who did not suffer the abortionist’s sucking tubes. Hard to believe but it’s coming to fruition as we speak.

According to a study by the Alan Guttmacher Institute, there have been over 50 million abortions performed in America since legalization took hold in 1973. Relatively few of these abortions had anything to do with fetal defects, rape, incest or danger to the mother but occurred on the whims of expectant parent or parents.

The oldest of these individuals would be well into their 30s or 40s today. These discarded folks would be establishing families of their own. And, each year, as more and more entered the labor force, the numbers would be more than ample to outweigh the supposed need for an equal number of illegal immigrants or the necessity of exporting jobs to other lands.

These 50 million-plus aborted souls would have been native-born citizens, speak English; have established families raised in the bosom of traditional American culture. We would not be having this immigration discussion we now seem to be consumed with. Neither would we be searching for teachers from Asia; doctors from India, nurses from Thailand, etc. We would already be served by native-born US citizens. Future generations will ponder how many potential world leaders, teachers, scientists, religious figures, etc. had their lives flushed shortly after conception. The number grows each passing year. We should always condone legal immigration for there are many reasons some foreign-born people need and deserve to come to our shores but we should never have allowed the overwhelming tide of illegal invasion to occur.

Interestingly, future readers of American history will take note that many (not all) of the very folks who supported the abortion of unborn babies, became the very same people who later decried that there were not enough native-born Americans to fill jobs and places in our society. Therefore, we must establish open U.S. borders – making U.S. Citizenship a God-given right for the whims of any of the world’s seven billion inhabitants.

“How utterly unbelievable!” future generations will exclaim.

When our history is written, it will also be noted that many of these same Americans, who supported abortion as a human right, were the “progressive” individuals condemning the saving of lives of victims in lands ruled by tyrants in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. They are the same folks who failed to recognize the importance of human souls here and in other lands while simultaneously placing greater emphasis on woodpeckers, old trees and historical temperature changes.

Readers of history in the future are certain to proclaim: “What were these people thinking?”

John Brock lives in Georgetown County and is a retired newspaper editor/publisher, college professor and university administrator. He can be reached by mail at this newspaper of by Email: brock@johnbrock.com.

Opinions that appear on this page in Letters to the Editor or in columns do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this newspaper.

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