John Brock: For one reader, I'm too old and too ignorant to have an opinion

  • Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Through the years, I have grown quite accustomed to readers who disagree with my opinions. It's quite natural that not everyone agrees with my opinion column. I expect it but once in a while a reader gets a little too personal with their rebuff. Those who are most fervent in their outrage almost always do several things. They attack me personally. They demean my intelligence and one recent reader even seems to attack my age as a senior.

Thus is the case of a fellow in Pawleys Island who unloaded on me in a recent letter-to-the-editor. He claimed that I was “ignorant about so many things” because I dared to oppose many of the programs of President Obama. I have been called much more objectionable things than “ignorant.” These folks sometimes suggest that I be fired or move to another country. How childish.

I don't usually respond to critics of this ilk but his logic needs discussion.


In this particular letter-writer's view, even though the President continuously talks about his perceived accomplishments in his round-the-clock campaign mode, I didn't point out any good things that President Obama has done for our lives now or the lives of our progeny in the future. But he apparently couldn't think of any either because he failed to point them out. He claims that we should always support our president regardless of his actions. I wonder if he was around when Richard Nixon needed his support.

My religious foundation dictates that everyone has something worthy in their souls and President Obama is no exception. But, on the other hand, I have no problem drawing attention to significant failures of this or any other administration.

For instance, our economy is in shambles and the White House's pointing blame at the Bush administration and all Republicans is growing a little stale. The Bush administration had enough problems of their own but the Obama White House has been in charge now for almost five years and I have been unable to find significant improvements in the lives of most Americans — especially the lives of those most vulnerable. The letter-writer appears to have not read or didn't comprehend this point which was adequately pointed out in his referenced column.


Unemployment remains much too high and hasn't dropped nearly to the level that Mr. Obama promised by the end of his first term. Seven out of eight new jobs are part-time and primed to get even worse as employers turn to even more part-time employees to escape the horrendous increases in health insurance costs which Obamacare was supposed to moderate or lower.

Unemployed citizens now remain in their sad state for 37 weeks instead of 20 weeks when President Obama came into office. Almost a trillion dollars of stimulus pump-priming failed to change our course significantly. His solution is to spend even more in his failed strategy — remember Einstein's definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.”

Let's not overlook the fact that an estimated 8 million citizens have simply stopped looking for employment; therefore, they are not included in the unemployed statistics. Young people, including college grads, are experiencing unemployment in record double digits.

The number of folks drawing so-called food stamps has risen at an unbelievable rate. Our national debt has grown by a whopping fifty-four percent during the Obama administration and he will soon be asking for more debt that our great-grandchildren will have to pay.

Gasoline was $1.85 a gallon when our president took office. It's now $3.53.

On the world scene, Mr. Obama has bungled by continuing to believe that his Eddie Haskell-like glib talk and leading from behind can elevate our status in the world. In the middle-east nations, although they have never thought too much of America, they now think Obama and America are a joke as a result of the Syrian fiasco.

The poverty rate is now 16 percent which is higher than it was when LBJ instituted his “War on Poverty.” Obama shares the blame with all government entities which have been out of control for years. Obama blames it all on “Income inequity” and he wants to divide the wealth of those who already contribute over 80 percent to the nation's budget. How is a person supposed to gain income equity when he/she can't even find a job? Oh, that's right! Government must force a sharing of the collective wealth of the few with the fifty percent who pay no income taxes at all. Does that seem fair?


And the list goes on and on. Other programs such as Obamacare and mountains of regulations coming out of Washington each and every week make it impossible for our economy to significantly recover and grow. President Obama refuses to step aside and let our economic lives prosper in the method that has worked successfully for almost 250 years — FREE ENTERPRISE!

The nation's job creators can't plan ahead for additional job and business expansion because government actions are so uncertain for the future making it impossible to know what tomorrow's economy holds.

To the letter-writers and others of his persuasion, I don't find much to applaud in President Obama's record. If you want to live in your dream world, go right ahead. I prefer rationality.

So what if you consider me too old and ignorant? Most folks would agree that ignorance of others is in the eye of the beholder. I'll take my chance with that.

In the meantime, I suggest to the letter-writer to take advantage of that God-given trait that separates us from the animal world — an opposable thumb.

Turn the page if you don't approve of what you are reading because I plan to continue writing as I see it.

John Brock is a retired college professor and newspaper editor/publisher, who lives in Georgetown County. He can be reached by mail at this newspaper, or by Email at brock@johnbrock.com.

Opinions that appear on this page in Letters to the Editor or in columns do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this newspaper.

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