Gloria Ford:The benefits of laughter

  • Friday, March 8, 2013

“Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, that ye shall obey it in the lusts thereof.”
Romans 6:12

Hopefully you have had a blessed and happy week.  If not, you are afforded another chance today to give thanks for more blessed and happy days.  May the Lord bless you with many.
Have you ever felt so low that you thought better days and happiness were all a myth? I think we have all been there; when suddenly someone comes by with a great sense of humor and possibly a good joke and you couldn’t help from laughing.  All of a sudden your spirits lift, and you are feeling so much better that you wonder what has happened.  Well, you were just given a dose of a good medicine.   King Solomon says in the Bible that a merry heart does good like a medicine.  Reader’s Digest also has a section that says, “Laughter is the best medicine.”
When I learned some years ago that I could do things that made people really laugh, I felt a little guilty being that I also aspired to the ministry and I really sought the Lord about it because I didn’t want to be a stumbling block in anyone’s way.  It was then that I ran across King Solomon’s words and began to research laughter for myself.
I learned that the use of laughter as a healing tool has been around for many years. It has been a long term practice to inject laughter into the healing process.  By improving our physical and mental well being, laughter also helps in building better relationships with others.  It is an excellent tool for social bonding.  It makes people closer and stronger by uniting them and helping them cope with adversity.  
It fosters camaraderie not only among friends and family, but even among strangers.  Laughter also improves one’s sense of well being and state of mind.  It is also shown to improve our physical life in many different ways.  It helps to remove stress by causing the release of natural pain killers in the body.  When we laugh out loud, substances such as endorphins and adrenaline are released which result in a natural high, making you feel good about yourself.  Humor helps in improving your creativity and your memory.  Our minds can easily retain information when we associate it with something hilarious.  Learning becomes fun when it is laced with humor, and for parents, it is a highly effective way of teaching and dealing with their children.  The average human being laughs approximately 15 times on a daily basis.  Laughter also lowers blood pressure and massages our internal organs.  
How do you live a life full of humor and laughter?  A simple way of achieving this would be to immerse and interact with funny, fun loving people.  Enjoy their presence and learn from their approach to living an uplifting life.  Be aware of all the funny little things you see around you, watch funny movies in the company of funny people. Another note: laughter helps you to lose weight!  Read the dollar joke at the end of this article.

Howard AME Church

I would like to thank Rev. Merrilee Smalls Salley along with her husband, Brother James Salley, Rev. Warren Garrett,  Rev. Jimmie Lesane, our MC,  Sister Clara Gadsen, the Christian Education Department and Church School of Howard AME Church of Germantown for their gracious invitation for me to speak at their Black History program.  We had a wonderful time reviewing the past and alluding to Biblical scripture from Galatians 4:7.  Thanks also to Brother Peter Smalls for his wonderful display of historical artifacts.

Mt. Zion AME Church

The YPD (Young People’s Department) of Mt. Zion AME Church in the Bloomingvale community of Andrews presented a timely Black History program on Sunday, Feb. 24 under the direction of Licentiate Elinda Greggs and Sister Seward.  All of the young people did an excellent job of quoting historical facts and telling of historical characters.  Our Sunday school superintendent, Mrs. Shirley Graham has reminded all of us to eat “green” on Tuesdays, and to fast and pray for someone or something during the month of Lent. Licentiate Greggs also recognized persons of the church and the community for their contribution to Black History. Some of the names mentioned were:  Mr. Alvin White, Federal Marshall Kelvin Washington, Rev. W.C. Ervin, Elder Lee M. Seward, Brother Archie McCullough,  Brother Randy Grayson, Brother Billy White, Sisters Silverteen Mitchum, Mamie Gamble, Betty Sanders, Flossie Ervin, Lelia Hooks, Norma Jackson, Elinda Greggs, and yours truly. Also, Brothers Sam Seward, Larry Brown, Thomas Alford, Willie Sparkman, Councilman W.B. Wilson, and John Ervin.  Licentiate Greggs told the young people to, “Step out and be strong, not because of color, but because of who you are.” She also told them that, “You must go out and seek; you must go to school and get your education.” She also let it be known that there are many others not mentioned at that time that we give thanks to.  Rev. Herman Ford, Jr., the pastor, also spoke a mini inspirational sermon to young and old alike.

Rochester, NY trip

Praise Tabernacle Church of Kingstree is chartering a bus to Rochester, NY on April 4.  If you want to go along, the cost is $125 per seat.  For more information, call Pastor Craig Kegler at 843-712-0693.

House of Prayer Sowing Seeds Deliverance Ministry

Evangelist Dianna Tisdale will be speaking for Prophetess Johnnie Tisdale on Sunday at 5 p.m. at House of Prayer Sowing Seeds Deliverance Ministry located at 1623 Gilbert  St.  For more information call the office at 843-240-0350.  

Mt. Zion AME Church of North Santee

Rev. Alfred Darby and the Mt. Zion AME Church family of North Santee, 9911 Powell Road, invites you to their Homecoming Celebration Sunday, March 17 beginning at 11 a.m.  The guest speaker will be Presiding Elder Junneral Keith of the Mt. Pleasant District.  Enjoy a delicious meal by the great cooks of Mt. Zion.

Two well worn bills arrived at the Federal Reserve Bank to be retired.  One was a twenty dollar bill, and the other was a one dollar bill.  As they traveled down the conveyor belt, they struck up a conversation.  The twenty dollar bill said, “I’ve been to the finest restaurants, Broadway shows, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and I even went on a Caribbean cruise.  Where have you been?”
“Oh,” said the dollar bill, “I’ve been to the Methodist Church, the Episcopal Church, the Lutheran Church.” He went on to naming other churches when the twenty dollar bill said, “Hey, wait a minute … what’s a church?”  Hope you liked that one.
Please remember the benefits of laughter.

Happy birthday wishes

Happy belated birthday to my mom who celebrated 95 years last Sunday, and to my second older sister, the late Evangelist Shirley Barr Browne whose birthday was March 5.
Please remember to pray for the sick and shut in, the bereaved, those in nursing homes and hospitals, our men and women on the battlefield in Iraq, the hungry and homeless, the rejected and abused.  Let us all pray for one another, and may the Good Lord bless you real Good!

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