Erin Spatz: What time is it?

  • Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Oh my goodness! Nothing throws me off like daylight savings. For a week I don’t have any idea what time it is.

Did I fall back? Did I spring forward?

Is it lunchtime or did I just eat breakfast?

It’s dark, so do I put the kids in bed or wait an hour to “adjust” their internal clock?

I don’t know!

I am seriously confused.

It’s good that I don’t have newborns anymore, because when you have an infant it’s way more confusing. Is it morning nap time or snack time? Am I subtracting an hour or adding one? I can’t do math, so who knows?
I drive Eric nuts because I will ask him for an entire week if it’s new time or old time? To which he always answers “whatever the clock says, is what time it is.”  And I respond with “what time do I feel like it is?”
In theory, I understand why we have the time change, but good grief it throws me off. I think that the holiday weight gain really comes from the daylight savings incident. I am eating when I think I should and when the clock tells me to.
From now on I shall blame my “holiday eating” on daylight savings. Who’s with me? Maybe if we all do it and the obesity crisis is blamed on daylight savings, a smart congressman will pass a law. I may be onto something.

My fellow moms, are we tired of kids waking up at five a.m? Yes! Do we know if they should go back to bed or if we should get up with them? No!

Maybe daylight savings is a plastic surgeon conspiracy.  Hmmm? That might be it, because I know I have some very serious bags under my eyes from lack of sleep or extra sleep, or something. Did I get the bags under my eyes from trying to do the math for daylight savings?

Well now I am really confused. Time to go get the kids from school ... or is it?

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