Erin Spatz: Things kids have learned

  • Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I love when the kids come home and share all the fun things they’ve learned at school. Or, when they randomly tell me a fact they picked up when I least expect it.
The other morning Denver told me all about how the government of the Vatican City worked. All about the Cardinals meeting and all about the smoke. Which I was shocked he knew, but a fellow student in his class had done a report on it and shared it with the whole class. And he remembered it all and shared it with me in detail. I was very impressed.
What I don’t like is when they learn something and then use it against me. And, it seems to be happening with greater frequency.
We still have our “no electronics” policy on Sundays from wake-up time until dinner time. Only one of our children really “suffers” from this horrible policy. Our oldest, Dylan, cannot stand this policy and asks very often to adjust the time, or if the iPad counts as an electronic. Anything with square screen counts.
Last Sunday, unable to take the suffering any longer and using what he learned in social studies, he attempted to start a petition to get rid of this policy. After Eric and I stopped laughing (and wondering what on earth he was learning at school,) I applauded the use of school knowledge. But there were several glitches in his plan.
First mistake: who was he going to get to sign the petition? His brother and sisters? Their signatures don’t hold any weight.
His second mistake was thinking he lived in a democracy, when in fact he and his siblings live in a dictatorship. In general I am clearly against dictators, except when it comes to my children and parenting.
I feel that in order to be a good parent there is a tiny bit of democracy and a ton of dictatorship.
And as they get older, I am sure things will begin to change, depending on the responsibility level, how they handle themselves and respond to others. Then we will give them more democracy and less dictatorship.
But as the mom, I reserve the right to pull dictator at anytime no matter how old they are.

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