Erin Spatz: Sleeping habits

  • Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's funny to think that everyone has a different sleeping style.
And, even more silly that while everyone in our house has their own bed, Eric and I often find the kids on the floor in our room.

Eric is a fidgety person awake, and he is a fidgety sleeper.
Once I am asleep I hardly ever move.
In fact, I am pretty sure Eric is the reason I have to make the bed.
Because I don't even wrinkle up the sheets.

Dylan is a very picky sleeper. He has always wanted to sleep in his bed alone. In the dark, with quiet.
Even as a baby when I'd want to snuggle in the bed with him, he'd wiggle away from me.
He almost never slept in bed with us, he'd just lay there until I put him back in his bed. Once he was back in his own space, he was off to dreamland.

Autumn is a routine sleeper, which means she has to go to bed at the same time every night. She needs the same blankets, stuffed animals and pillows. If you throw off this routine, you will suffer. She thinks she is flexible but she's not. Trust me, I have suffered. As a baby, if you forgot any of the things she “thought” she needed, she was not going to sleep. It was a nightmare when one of her many “items” was missing.

Denver is a “where I fall, is where I sleep” sleeper. As a baby if he was sleepy and playing on the floor, that is where he would sleep. He has fallen asleep in the bathroom on the bathmat. When he was three, he spent two months sleeping in the box our Thanksgiving turkey came in. Eric and I have found him asleep in the hall, in between the couch and coffee table, and even in the doorway of his room.

Chandler is a “where you are, is where I sleep” sleeper. Chandler will not sleep alone. She is however not picky about who she sleeps with, she just has to be touching whoever she is sleeping with. She sucks her thumb and puts her finger in her ear. As a baby if she couldn't get comfy with her finger in her ear, she'd put her finger in your ear. In order to sleep, some part of her has to be touching some part of you. And scooting away from her will not help. She will scoot with you until you fall off the bed. Ask Autumn, that has happened to her.

Even though each of them sleep differently and in all kinds of crazy manners, it is not uncommon for us to all go to bed in our beds only to wake up in different places. It's a crazy form of musical chairs, only with beds and we are all really sleepy. Or, we might wake up with two kids in the bed, one on the couch in our room, and another on the floor.

When that happens, it makes me wonder why I even have bedrooms for the kids. I could save myself a lot of cleaning time and just give them sleeping bags on the floor.

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