Erin Spatz: Neighbors talking

  • Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Well, if the neighbors werenít talking before, they certainly are now.

The weather which normally hates me, has been unusually kind to me these last few days. It has been so lovely in fact, that the kids have been playing outside every day after school until dark or dinner, whichever arrives first.

On Monday things took a turn towards the funny farm. Which is where I may hide.

I was in the laundry room, switching laundry from the washing machine to the dryer. I believed the kids were happily playing. I was wrong ...

With a massive screech the front door slams open and Denver comes running in the house with Autumn running after him.
They loop the dining room table and head back towards the family room. Denver makes it back out the door. The whole time I am trying to get one of them to tell me whatís happening, but I am not quick enough. Autumn manages to get by me too.

I run outside after them, and what is happening outside is ridiculous.
Denver is running down the street with no shirt or shoes, with Autumn hot on his heels! He is running with one of her shoes in his hand and she has the other one.
They run all the way down to the circle, which is about eight houses down, and come back towards home.

The whole time I am standing outside trying to get them back into house and away from each other. The whole time, Chandler is sitting on her bike watching, quietly for once.

Once they finally get back into the house, Denver dumps the contents of Autumnís backpack on the floor, and Autumn stomps up the stairs pleading with me to send Denver to the Army. By now, I am speaking to them through gritted teeth, and I discover the problem.

Itís a big one.

According to them, they decided to divide the yard in half. The fight occurred because Autumn wanted the bigger half because she is bigger, and Denver was mad.
So the only thing left for Autumn to do was throw her shoe at him until he did it her way. And, whatís the best way to get your point across that you wonít in fact be giving your sister her way? Why, throw her shoe back at her. Duh.

All of that led to the throwing of shoes, a chase down the street, a dumped backpack and a military school threat made by someone who had zero power to invoke it.
The end result being they both had to come inside and stay inside, bedtime was drastically early and no dessert (and it was a good one.)

I can only hope that only a small portion of our neighbors saw that episode. Oh, and FYI they were fighting over MY yard. They donít even remotely own it.

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