• Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I have one enemy. One arch nemesis. I am taunted every chance it gets.

We have been enemies since I was a teenager.

And no matter what I do or how hard I try (and believe me I have tried,) I cannot win.

I cannot make grilled cheese.

I can make yummy cupcakes, roast chickens, even cremeí brulee for Peteís sake.
I even have a torch for baked Alaska. But can I make grilled cheese? Nope.

When I start out to make grilled cheese things begin well. I have ample butter on the bread and good cheese, a large skillet, not too hot. But somewhere between the skillet and serving, things go very, very wrong ... I canít figure it out.

In the beginning I will admit I would walk away, but once the pattern of very blackened sandwiches emerged I would stare at it. I still couldnít get it in time, or worse, I would take it out and the cheese would still be cold. I am not sure whatís worse: burnt to the core or cheese thatís suppose to be melty, but in fact is still cold.

Why, oh why is this so hard??

There is always smoke, usually a fire alarm is blaring and three or four kids rolling their eyes. To say that the grilled cheese is burnt would be too kind. It is more like charcoal briquets. They are so burnt that even if I wanted to scrape off the burnt part I would end up scraping all they way down to the cheese.

I have successfully made countless greek dishes, Christmas and Thanksgiving menus, but can I serve my family grilled cheese and tomato soup? Nope, one of the best fall/winter dishes I cannot do.

Sadly, the saying ďyou canít be good at everythingĒ is true. I cannot make grilled cheese.
Maybe Iíll just bust out my torch and try making it that way?
Maybe thatíll work or maybe Iíll have no eyebrows. Itís really anyoneís guess ...

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