Erin Spatz: Husband logic vs. wife logic

  • Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Eric and I have been married a while, and I was pretty sure I knew everything there was to know about him.  

I was wrong.

He recently had a man-trum (think tantrum, but a man-version) over the amount of pillows we have on our bed.  He got really angry over down pillows and cotton fiber pillows, sequin pillows and striped pillows.  He threw them to the ground and declared that three quarters of our bed was over taken by pillows and he couldn’t take any more.

My response? I laughed uncontrollably with tears streaming down my face, and nearly had “tears” run down my legs.  And the more I laughed the more mad he got.  Which made me laugh more!

I’ll admit that we have few more pillows than we need, but more than half of them are decorative pillows.  This makes perfect sense to me, but just flies right over Eric’s sense of logic.  Wife logic says “If it’s pretty and makes the bed look nice, we need it.” Husband logic says “ As long as I am not directly on the mattress and I have one mostly okay pillow, that’s perfect.”
This logic also applies to towels.  I have a set of “we don’t use these but we can look at them” towels.  Having towels we don’t use but hang in the bathroom just because they are pretty, is impossible for a man to comprehend.  Why did we spend money on towels that we can only look at? The answer is, because they are pretty.  That’s enough reason for me!
When I had said towels hanging in the bathroom, I told everyone not to use them because they were the decorative towels.  Everyone but Eric listened, and he used the back of them to wipe his face in the morning.  I started noticing that the towels kept getting messed up, and when I adjusted them I saw toothpaste on them.  I caught him!

Eric is so good and kind about all other things in the house, like agreeing to paint the dining room red (which I love) against his better judgement, and letting me pick out the majority of the furniture and all other house decor.  
I guess I can deal with one Man-trum. It keeps things spicy!

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