Erin Spatz: Cold and flu

  • Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cold and flu season is upon us, and with it comes the question that plagues all mothers with more than one child.
This is the question of what to do when one of them is sick.
Do you attempt to keep the kids apart, in hopes that only one gets sick?
Or have the sick one lick the others and get it over with all at once?
It really is hard to know what to do because there is a chance (although a super duper slim chance) that the other kids may not get said sickness, and you're home free.  
But if they do get it, it really is better for them to all get it at once so you're only running around taking care of the sickies.  
The mom nightmare is that they will get it one at a time, so that you are caring for someone sick every week.
And for some of us that's a whole month of sick kids. And by that time you, the mom, have been exposed to germs for a solid month, so you KNOW that you are now going to get it.
And, once you get it who will take care of you?
Plus, since you have been taking care of sick kids for a month the amount of laundry and dirty dishes is out of control.
Everyone is wearing bathing suit bottoms for underwear and using Tupperware lids for plates, so even if you want to be sick, you can't.
What to do?
The problem is there is no good answer.  
The kids are going to get sick on their own terms because they do not care about your plans or your job.
They will get sick all at once or one at time, no matter what you do to speed things along.
And, one or more of them will attempt to make whining an Olympic sport while they are sick.
You will not get to sleep in your bed without a kid in it. Preparation H will be your new BFF, if you wish to see over the bags under your eyes.
But, someday nobody will need us when they are sick.
They will know how to care for themselves and our feelings will get hurt because no one asked us for our help, or opinion or to tuck them into bed.
And we will have plenty of room in our bed but we will all be sad because no little voice is asking us to scoot over.

So while the kids are sick, simply snuggle and try not to mind the dishes and the laundry.
I will try, too. Nobody ever suffered from wearing bathing suit bottoms for underwear.

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