Ann Ipock: Ipock-a-Lips – Larry the lizard finds a way to Chick-fil-A

  • Wednesday, January 30, 2013

When hub-Russ called to say he’d meet me and Carly – our 7-year old granddaughter visiting from Raleigh – at Chick-fil-A, I didn’t know he was bringing a guest. Of course, neither did he. Funny thing, the guest didn’t come inside and feast on chicken tenders like the rest of us, because you see, the guest was a lizard.

That day, we pulled up to the parking lot at the same time and Russell immediately pointed out his friend, who’d been there since he left the house. It was a 6” bright green lizard crawling across Russell’s gray car, near the windshield wipers. I guess Larry – I named him immediately, he was so cute! – got all confused about changing colors to camouflage himself. He turned green instead of brownish-tan. Don’t ask me why. That was just plain wrong.

Anyway, we all thought it was amazing, or at least, interesting. Carly actually squealed with delight! Over the years, we’ve seen hundreds of lizards around our porches and yard. We seem to draw them like watermelon draws flies. We’ve even had a couple of them visit inside our home – this, I am not too fond of. In fact, I once wrote about the “The Lizard and the Rug,” in which we saw a lizard in the house.
We tried to catch him, never could, and found him much later, flat and spread eagle under an area rug that I was going to shake – the rug, not the lizard. The other time, a lizard crawled into our current home. I was on the phone, but quickly hung-up and panicked. I would never hurt a lizard, so hitting him with the broom was OUT of the question, though I could’ve possibly swept him outside.
However, that was too risky. I decided to capture him inside a glass by turning it upside down and cupping my hand over him. This worked, ha! I was so proud of myself. I took the glass and the lizard outside and let him go.
But then, how stupid of me, I went inside and filled up the glass with water and took a big swig. Well, in my defense it was summertime and I was hot and thirsty. Ack! I spit that water out through my mouth, my nose and maybe even my eyes. I felt nauseous, but I did survive and I’m pretty sure he did too.

In fact, that might have even been the same lizard riding with Russell that day at lunch time. We sat inside the restaurant, maybe thirty minutes, discussing our Saturday plans, and then walked back out to our cars, parked side by side. Carly was riding with me and Russell was – well, about to ride with his friend again, it seemed. Larry the lizard was still on the car, very close to where we’d seen him last. He wanted to go back home, to OUR home, bless his heart, the poor thing.

What’s so amazing is that Russell’s car got up to 45 mph on the open road with Larry holding on the first time. Can you believe it? I reached for my camera to show proof of this amazing feat, but naturally, when I finally found it in my purse amongst my tissues, lipstick, paperclips, receipts, pens and other junk, he had moved and hidden under the windshield wiper. As we pulled away, he scooted over to the side window and I figured he wouldn’t make it back to our home. But he did, the same four mile route. Can you imagine Carly’s face when she saw that Larry made it home again, safely?
It makes me think of that cartoon which shows a large pelican preparing to devour a frog. The frog, despite his small size and upcoming demise, has his hands in a vice grip around the pelican's neck to keep from becoming swallowed. The inscription on the cartoon is "Never Give Up." Actually, that frog has nothing on our new friend, Larry – talk about NOT giving up.

Well, we haven’t been back to Chick-fil-A since that visit about two weeks ago, but as soon as Larry hops on Russell’s car, we’re outta here.

Ann Ipock “Life is Short, I Wish I Was Taller” amipock@ec.rr.com www.annipock.com.

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